Outside of birthdays, Christmas, and other religious occasions, there may be other times where it is appropriate to buy a gift for someone in your life. The situation may determine the kind of gift you buy, as well as other occurrences that may go on. Choosing the right gift may seem difficult but can actually be a remarkably simple process. By keeping the person in mind, as well as the occasion itself, you can find something within your budget that is also incredibly thoughtful.

Loss of a loved one

The times in life where we go through grief can feel like they may never end. When the loss doesn’t affect you directly, it may be difficult to figure out how best to help, as well as how you can avoid awkward situations. While you might donate money or flowers to the deceased, you might also be able to help the people who are suffering the most from their loss. Getting your grieving friend a little gift to help them through these bad moments is not only thoughtful but can help them to appreciate that someone is there for them. The item doesn’t need to be overly grand or expensive either, something like a butterfly adjustable ring from FIYAH can help them to keep their loved one close to their heart, while still keeping it subtle enough for everyday life.


Moving home can be a time of great stress, as well as excitement. Once your friend or family member is settled into their new home, you may want to consider paying them a visit. Depending on how far into life they are, this can greatly alter the gift you buy. For those who are just gaining independence in their first ever home, you may want to think of a practical item or appliance that can improve their living space, while for those who have simply relocated, a bottle of wine or prepared meal can be far more appreciated, especially if they are still surrounded by numerous boxes.

Baby shower

A friend or family member announcing that they are expecting can be great news, especially if you know they have been trying for a long time. Many women now enjoy hosting baby showers when they get fairly close to their due date. This can allow for women to get together and celebrate the impending birth, and even reveal the gender of the baby. Normally, a gift here would be for the baby, when he or she arrives, but it can also be nice to get a token gesture for the parents too. Presents don’t need to be overly expensive, and it is definitely the thought that counts here.

Sending gifts for occasions that don’t happen very often can be a little confusing. By thinking more about the individual themselves, you can start finding ideas of presents that are within your budget, and that you know will be cherished. If all else fails, it is better to ask the person themselves what they may find useful, for a clearer idea.

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