As life attempts to return to normal following the pandemic, we are now able to do more of the things we used to enjoy.

In this Platinum Jubilee year concerts have returned to the social scene and more of our friends are planning, booking, and returning from holidays. Therefore, it is only natural that we are more conscious of our appearance having been stuck at home, working from home and isolating due to the pandemic.

Less movement means less exercise and as you guessed it, many of us have gained weight with the pounds creeping on from poor habits as a result of the new normal. It is no surprise that we are now more conscious than ever of our bodies and social media doesn’t help with this as influencers post their perfect pictures on Instagram.

Help is on hand, but it is important to listen to the right advice and explore the correct options that are suitable for you.

So what can I do to lose weight?

Yo-yo dieting is like riding a bike down a very steep hill, you will lose control

Medical advice around weight loss remains consistent. To lose weight you need to eat less and move more. By doing this you burn more calories than you consume, and overtime you lose weight. PrivateDoc’s weight loss service explains that there are no shortcuts to weight loss and that it needs to be done in a sustainable way that is safe and realistic with safe weight loss being 1 – 2 pounds per week.

The risks of yo-yo diets are the creation of long-term weight issues, with crash dieting leading to binging and overeating due to not eating sufficiently well and not fuelling the body. It’s like riding a bike down a very steep hill, you lose control.

So it is clear that weight loss is a process of patience, consistency and willpower, where you need to eat well, fuel your body, exercise more and avoid shortcuts. PrivateDoc has assembled a list of tips to help you lose weight.

Obsessed with the scales

Many of us just use the scales as an indicator of weight loss, becoming frustrated if the reading rises rather than falls consistently day after day. We have all been there! Many diets are aborted due to frustration with not seeing obvious results on the scales.

If this is you, you’re not alone! But there is much more to weight loss than what your scales tell you. Your weight loss results should be monitored over weeks NOT days. No one has ever lost weight day after day, week after week in a straight decline down. Our bodies do not work like this.

The vast majority of our mass is water, so levels of hydration and the movement of digestion all affect the numbers on our scales. Even going to the gym creates water retention the day after.

Muscle weights more than fat, so if you are working out at the gym you may well be burning fat, but building new lean muscle which actually weights more.

The good news is, don’t be discouraged by the scales. Ask yourself, how do you feel? How do your clothes fit? How much energy do you have?

Fad diets and new weight loss drugs

The media is full of coverage for new diets and wonder drugs for weight loss and its seen a particular spike in recent months with news of a new medication, Tirzepatide, launched in the US. The media choose to cover these stories because they are topical, popular, and drive views.

PrivateDoc has coverage of the new weight loss medicines for 2022 and what to expect in the future.

Would weight loss medication be suitable for me?

For many people, weight loss medication is not appropriate unless they have a BMI of 30 or more and have been unsuccessful with diet and exercise. PrivateDoc’s weight loss service is designed specifically to help patients that have a weight problem and would benefit from medically assisted weight loss.

Obesity as a disease in the UK has reached a crisis level, with almost 30% of the population being in the obese category. The statistics are frightening with increasing numbers of children being categorised as obese.

PrivateDoc’s medical team understand that weight loss isn’t easy and it’s not the patient’s fault. The way we live, work and our food are a huge contributing factor to this trend.

PrivateDoc’s BMI Calculator is a good way see where your BMI is on the scale. To find out more about PrivateDoc’s weight loss service, Patient mobile app and the PrivateDoc Sirtfood diet, please visit the site.

This piece was created in collaboration with PrivateDoc for which we received payment.

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