This may be one of the easiest wedding decisions to make, for others, it can be a little more challenging.

Deciding on a theme can help your wedding plans run a little smoother as it can help you make some decisions a little easier, like the food selection (sit down or buffet and even what you eat), entertainment (band or DJ) and décor. But it can also help you with flower selection and even the dress you wear and where you’ll go on honeymoon.

We provide our tips on ways in which you can find the perfect theme for your wedding.

Choosing your theme around colour


Your theme may focus around a particular colour or palette of colours. It could be your favourite colour for example, or a colour that suits the season you want to get married in. Perhaps it will focus on the colour of romance like reds and blush pinks.

Using colour as the basis for your theme can be a very easy way to make your theme choice. Once you’ve chose a central colour, it may be worth looking at the other colours that complement it. As you may want your bridesmaids’ bouquets to be slightly different from your own or have your table linens in a slight variation of colour. Pinterest is great at providing a clear visual of complementary colours. Simply search for: colour palette for ‘your chosen colour’.

The beauty of centralising it around a colour too is many of your suppliers can colour match. Show them a swatch and they will help you to find an exact match or something very similar. This can apply to flowers, invitations and even cake!

The two of you

The theme of the day may simply be the two of you; the story of your life together so far and what you hope to achieve together in the years to come.

It could include where you met, where you’ve been on holiday together, your interests and passions. You may even consider including family history with photos of your families through the generation.

When it comes to your decorations, you could use, as your table ‘numbers’, the places you’ve been, a little trivia at the table could be ‘what do you know about the couple’, and the food could simply be your favourite meals with a story that goes with it that tells your guests why. For example, a replica of a meal you had on your first date or at your favourite restaurant.

Wedding Trends

Wedding venue

Lots of couples, particular fashion centric couples, might look to current wedding trends to help spur their creativity.

Martha Stewart has noticed that statement wedding cakes are continuing on an upwards trajectory. When cakes look that incredible, and is certainly as aspect that is always remembered, it’s not hard to see why.

Following the royal wedding last year, Brides Magazine see that the simple and classic wedding dress is taking centre stage once more.

Barns, boho and rustic are top themes Hitched are predicting to be ever popular in 2019.

All of these pieces are well worth a read if you’re looking for further inspiration. Many of them have talked to the experts and, being invested in weddings, will have lots of tips to share as well as how to execute.

How you can be inspired

merry go round

Perhaps you’ll base your wedding on a movie, a book, the circus; there is inspiration around every corner. Instagram and Pinterest are all full of florists, planners, cake designers, bridal shops and lots of other wedding suppliers who will share their experience that may be something you never even dreamed of.

Additionally, Pinterest and Instagram will have lots of people sharing tips and pictures from their own weddings that you can potentially apply to yours. I am sure they’d also be willing to share their secrets if you asked!

We hope this has helped to give you some inspiration on deciding on a central theme for your wedding. Our next wedding segment will look at contracting out to suppliers vs. a DIY approach to wedding planning. If you’ve got any queries, let’s us know in the comment box below and we can put it out to the experts for you.

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