We never talk about the female orgasm. Let’s be honest, we don’t.

Since we are all at home, in our private space, maybe now, it’s time. And the good news is, you don’t have to do the talking; you can read, listen, and take it in (this particular pun was unintended).

You may not be unhappy with your sex life, but there is always room for improvement and more pleasure. OMGyes has researched (yes, actual research with real women of all ages) female pleasure and come up with a website which explores the topic from every angle (pun intended). The first season was published a few years back, but research didn’t stop, and now there is a part 2.

What exactly is OMGyes?

The website is a study of female sexuality and pleasure, put onto the page in a collection of videos, graphics, animations and touchable simulations (they work on mobile and desktop) all based around different ways women feel pleasure and orgasm.

Most interesting though – we find – is the stats that come with it. Not only do they show you just how many women were involved in building this website, but also that there is no one way to please us; harder, lighter, direct or indirect – everyone likes it differently and it is worth exploring what you may not have tried before.

Is it explicit? Yes. Will you learn new things from this? Definitely. Will you see a lot of genitalia? Yes, some videos are “explicit” (Note, there is an outline of a female body, which I initially saw as a martini glass) and there are simulations, where you try the techniques on screen by “lending a helping hand” (pun put in on purpose).

Why talk about orgasms now?

We said we would be honest, so let’s be honest: This is a stressful time and sex is a great way to relax and release some happy endorphins and have some pleasure. Plus, most of us are at home anyway, so why not spend some time on yourself. That is what we all need right now. I don’t know that it’s something I’ve really talked to people about. Here we go, now I am talking to everybody about it.

I don’t know that it’s something I’ve really talked to people about. Here we go, now I am talking to everybody about it.

Alone or with a partner, you can take the time to talk about things you may not usually be comfortable with, try out new techniques and most importantly, have some fun.

What is the series about?

You can choose between season 1 and 2, or both.

While they are both interesting, they look at slightly different types of pleasure. The first focuses on the clitoris and outside of the vulva and how to stimulate it. It is ideal if you are confined alone.

Season two is called ‘Inner Pleasure’ and goes deeper (pun most definitely intended) and involves penetration, but not only. If you are confined as a couple, our advice would be to start with this one, as it is easy to take to the bedroom and play around with as a couple.

What can I expect to see and learn?

The first in the series consists of 12 chapters, ranging from staging and edging to multiples, and each chapter contains some explanations of the study, a few videos of women explaining their own very specific preferences, some explicit videos showing exactly what they like and how they achieve it, and simulations so you can try it yourself. This is not like porn, but women who are comfortable enough sharing their personal experience and opening up about a taboo topic. And their laid-back attitude as they discuss and giggle feels empowering.

Why I did this project from FGS on Vimeo.

Season 2 also consists of 12 chapters (though more are being developed), focusing on inter pleasure, from angling to G-regions and squirting. It feels incredibly intimate when women are refreshingly honest and demonstrate how they like to be touched, and that is what we need. Intimate but open communication, because get this, under the broadening chapter is a technique 46 percent of women like to use, yet “more than 80 percent of them have never told anyone about it, ever”. So maybe now it’s time?

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