We’re fast approaching our first bank holiday of the year and being a four day weekend, it is always a goody. We’ve created a bank holiday guide that’ll allow you go get out and see your friends, spend time with the family; have a whole lot of fun and even some time to relax too.

Friday night

If you have to deal with a three day hangover, it may be wise to have your biggest blow out first. An additional benefit of going out tonight is everyone usually waits until Sunday and unless you need the vibes of hundreds of others, you’ll likely get better drinks offers, cheaper taxis and pretty much play your night however you want.

If you’re yet to plan something, it isn’t too late. Try our themed pub crawl!

Organise a round of pub golf


As per the theme, you’ll want to dress up as a golfer; that includes polo shirts, chino trousers, visors, sweat bands, flat caps, vests etc. you could always take a plastic golf club with you but beware that not all bars will accept you bringing it in, particularly if there is a large group of you.

You’ll need to coordinate a trip to 9 pubs where each pub is represented as a ‘hole’ and a drink is to be had in each pub. It’s up to you and your group as to whether the drinks/quantity etc. is enforced though we recommend, for safe drinking, that you allow everyone to drink whatever they want! Though we’ve suggested some penalties below, just in case you want to be strict.

The aim of the ‘game’ is to finish your drink in as few sips as possible- again for safe drinking, we do not advocate downing it- with each sip contributing to your final score. As there are no real winners in the end, just have fun with it and take it at a good pace as you will be trying to drink quite a bit; it’s why we suggest sticking to a drink you know you fare well with to get you through the course.


  • Not dressed in proper attire- 2 point penalty
  • Found to be cheating (pouring your drink away)- 2 point penalty
  • Will not be staying in the ‘hole’
  • If a player cannot finish their drink in the ‘hole’ 12 points will be given
  • Players are only able to go to the toiler before or after they’ve had a drink- 2 point penalty if you take it with you or haven’t finished


After pub golf you’ll need a day just to veg, eats lots and generally chill. So, it’s the perfect day to fire up the BBQ. For those willing, it could even be a continuation of the night before antics. Have everyone bring a dish and drink so not all the expense is on you.

Alternatively, why not hold a garden party which can be just as low key- though who’s to say the croquet won’t get too feisty!


If the weather is good, get out for the day! Why not head to your closest beach! You may still be battling a hangover so many not want to travel for hours, so if a beach is out of the question, a park will be just as fun. Take a Frisbee, blanket and picnic or pick up some fish and chips locally.

If you’re feeling hangover free, why not tread farther afield; just save yourself the trauma of getting stuck in traffic for hours and head out early and be prepared to stay out later so you really can make a day of it, hopefully, headache free.


Treat this Monday like you would your Sunday, a day of rest. It could be you’ve got some chores round the house you’ve been meaning to do but be sure you get a lie-in first; it’s what the extra day is all about- actually giving yourself some time to relax, enjoy yourself and recuperate.

If you’re up for it, you could head out for a little walk but we’d recommend cooking yourself a nice roast dinner, kicking your feet up and tucking into that book you’ve been longing to look at.

If you’re looking for some alternative bank holiday ideas, Claire provides some inspiration too!

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