Written in collaboration with Jeremias Manalo

Perennially cool, hoodies are a mainstay in many wardrobes, even capsule ones. The hood, kangaroo pockets, and drawstrings that most hoodie designs feature, give wearers an image of effortless self-assurance. Hoodies are not only cool, but they also offer maximum comfort. Wearing one can help you stay warm on cold days, shield your face from the sun, and keep your small items safe and secure in the kangaroo pocket. What’s not to like about all that?

Now, hoodies embody the word “casual,” but that doesn’t mean that they can’t be styled to look chic and cozy as well. Most hoodies feature a loose or even baggy fit, which can be a relief in case you don’t really care about showcasing your silhouette. This quality, however, can be a drawback if you want to look more polished and put-together while wearing a hoodie. By pairing your hoodie with some smarter pieces, you can create chic ensembles that will help you maximize the versatility and style of your favorite hoodies.

Choose form-fitting pants or leggings

Since a hoodie fully conceals the upper half of your form, you need the lower half of your outfit to present some contrast. You can do this by wearing form-fitting jeans or denim leggings to highlight the lines in the lower half of your outfit. If you have a fluffy, plain-colored hoodie and you really want to play up the contrast, you can opt to wear sleek leather leggings or ones that feature colorful prints and designs.

Add a loose skirt to your getup

It’s also perfectly fine to go the other way and embrace the loose appearance and total coverage afforded by your hoodie. You can do this by pairing your hoodie with loose skirts of different lengths. On particularly cool days, you can wear your hoodie with a long A-line skirt for maximum protection against the cold. A hoodie paired with a neutral-colored pleated midi or mini skirt and tights can be worn for a more youthful vibe. Whatever length of skirt you decide to go with, you should have an effortless look that will keep you warm and cozy during the colder months, no matter the time of day or night.

Layer a jacket on top

For extra-cold days, how about adding another layer of clothes on top of your hoodie to preserve warmth and create a catwalk-worthy look as well? The hoodie can go over your base layer of a shirt and pants, followed by another layer of outerwear, such as a denim or leather jacket. A thicker outer layer will keep you protected against strong winds, while the hoodie can offer insulation. It’s best to wear contrasting colors or different fabric textures to increase the visual appeal of your outfit and make it more style-forward, in addition to keeping you perfectly snug and warm.

Put on a pair of casual heels or wedges

As mentioned before, hoodies give off a very effortless vibe. To emphasize the hoodie as a deliberate fashion choice and style statement, you can pair it with heels or wedges. It is best if this look is completed with a form-hugging bottom like skinny jeans or leggings, but a midi or maxi A-line or pleated skirt will work just as well.

Use the hoodie as an accessory 

Sometimes, a chic getup requires the use of a hoodie as an accessory. Let’s say you’re wearing a white shirt and a pair of trusty jeans. You can set this classic look apart by tying a hoodie around your waist or draping it over your shoulders. It also works well if you’re wearing athleisure clothes, such as a sports bra and a pair of leggings. Using a hoodie to accessorize your athleisure getup will make it seem like you’re heading to the gym or taking a break from running, even if you’re simply doing outdoor chores. 

Wear short shorts or bouncy skirts

Hoodies can be worn year-round, even in the summer. These clothes can offer protection against prolonged exposure to the sun and stave off the risk of getting sunburned. Of course, wearing a hoodie at this time of the year can make you feel and look awfully warm. One way to get around it is to balance your look with a bottom that’s cool and comfy. How about wearing a colorful and frilly skirt to take the attention off your top? This way, you won’t look too covered up in the heat. It’s also an option to pair your hoodie with short shorts for a more casual look. It’s an easy getup for when you need to do a few outdoor chores, like walking the dog or dropping by a nearby grocery store. 

Hoodies are versatile pieces of clothing that are comfortable enough to be worn all year. In case you want to upgrade your look and keep your outfit from looking too basic, simply follow these style tips. You might be surprised at how many chic combinations you can come up with this casual wardrobe staple!

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