Baffled by wash care symbols in your garments? Wonder no more! We’ve created a simple laundry care guide for you to print out and hang (if you choose) or stick near to your washing machine as a handy reference any time you need it for any member in the household.

Laundry guide free download

You can also right click on the image and save to your desktop or phone as an easy go-to laundry guide too!

For reference:

  • Washing symbols- are the ones that have the sink and water symbols.
  • Dry Cleaning instructions are indicated by the circular symbol
  • Bleaching is the triangular symbol with instruction on what you can and can’t do
  • Drying is the square symbol and tumble drying instructions will have a circle in the square
  • and ironing is the iron symbol

This list is by no means extensive but it will indicate what each aspect relates to. We hope our laundry guide proves useful.

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