Looking for some inspiration on where to take your date this Valentine’s? We’ve got you covered! Whether working to budget or going all out, our 5 suggestions will undoubtedly tick the box.

What Could Be More Romantic

Warwick Castle

Warwick Castle

Castles are the things of fairytales so taking your Valentine to your local castle is bound to win brownie points for you! Make it more romantic by taking a picnic (check if permitted in advance, you don’t want your efforts wasted).

It’s All In The Detail


Recreate your first date! You may not be able to recreate it to the specific detail but going back to the restaurant, coffee shop or cinema where you had your first date is pretty romantic. It’s where it all started after all so remembering a detail like that will likely make your date swoon for you.

Activity & Gift


An activity and gift in one- take her to her favourite shopping centre, give her a spending limit and let her go wild. Book into a champagne bar or chic restaurant for the end of the day and you’re done. She’ll get a gift she’ll love, you’ll be spending quality time together and no-one’ll have to do the dishes at the end of the day. It’s a winning combo.

It’s About Quality Of Time


Don’t think Valentine’s has to be a splurge. If you’re on a  budget there is nothing wrong with cooking a meal at home (even the deals at the supermarkets, meal for £10, are great) and whether you cook for your partner or do it together it’s really about just spending time together, whatever you do. Perhaps head out to your local farmers market in the morning and pick up the ingredients together including movie snacks for later!

Picnics & Sunsets


You can’t get more romantic than a sunset. Head to your favourite coast, hill, lake etc. take a blanket, a bottle of champagne (Cava or Prosecco- don’t forget the glasses) and snuggle down to watch the sunset.

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