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Now is the time to make the most of your garden, as much as you can through the spring and summer seasons. If you’re looking for ideas on how to personalise and transform your garden into a welcoming oasis, you’ve reached the right place. We share some simple but effective tips to transforming your garden into a more social space that is reflective of your home and is a personal extension of yourself.

Transform your outhouses into functional spaces

Sheds and summerhouses are usually regarded as dumping grounds for garden tools or furniture from years gone by. Although not causing any problem really, there are ways in which we can take full advantage of this extra space, here some ideas on what you can do with your outdoor space:

Man caves

If you find your partner or children getting under your feet a little too often, transforming your garden shed into a gaming room will not only give you the peace and quiet you long for but the young ones will also be excited by a change of scenery.

If you don’t have power inside, there may be the possibility of using an outdoor specific extension cable that you can run from the house or get an electrician in to plum one in. It’s not necessarily expensive to do.

Cocktail stations

Perfect for summer soirées, a cocktail station will make for an interesting garden feature and certainly a talking point at parties. You can really put effort into designing the coolest cocktail station in your neighbourhood. For example, by purchasing some colourful lights, perhaps made by Neon Mama you can add something special to your bar. This will look great both in the summer and in the evenings when it lights up your outside space! Also, learn some cocktail making skills and ensure you’ve got all the right kit. You could even hold themed garden events like a Hawaiian Luau or even host your own cocktail making party.

If your outhouse has an overhead shelter, this will still be functional on the more miserable summers’ days, except, with your treats inside, it’ll be far from miserable!

Hobby Hole
How to transform garden sheds

If not cocktails or caves, turning your shed or summerhouse into a hobby nook could be just what you need. It could be a reading zone with plenty of books, cushions/blankets and endless cups of tea or a crafting post to let your creative juices flow. Whatever it may be, a fresh lick of paint, some pictures, bunting and furnishings can really add those homey touches to your outhouses.

Decorating your fence panels

Often we regard our fence panels as the boundaries to our property, they simply get painted and left until they’re in need of a spruce or replacement. But we can do so much more with them.

Use Gorilla Glue to stick decorative tiles to fence panels to add colour and patterns to your garden area. Don’t use them like you would a bathroom or kitchen, but use them sporadically. We particularly love the Moroccan style tiles for bringing life into the garden.

Moroccain tiles

If you’re a bit of an artist why not add some artwork to it? It could be of a landscape, particular moment, or mood but we’re sure this will be striking in your garden. Alternatively, why not let the children have at it? As it’s something to be sitting there for quite some time, perhaps get them to sketch an idea out first to make sure you’re happy with what is going up there. It’s a project the whole family can get involved with and is sure to be loved for years to come as it’ll be so personal to you.

Create a vertical garden

A vertical garden is very popular and makes for an interesting dimension to your garden. They can be as simple or as complex as you like, depending on your skill level and time.

For a simple fix, you can create your own planters from old tins or bottles or buy ready made pots and hang some foliage or flowers from baskets attached to the fence panels, you’ll be amazed with the results a simple fix can have.

Attach plant pots to your fences
Attach to fence panels to add a bit of plant life to an otherwise stark space

Or, if you’d like to create something really striking that adds wow factor to your garden space, you could try your hand at a more expansive project that covers entire walls. Check out our guide to starting a vertical garden for the how to guide.

Lighting the way

You can use lighting to create a striking feature and a cosy ambiance.

Lighting in your garden will allow you to enjoy your garden space day or night. Hanging festoon lights are still massively popular this year. You can add them from buildings and structures to trees and shrubs and even get extensions to go all the way around the garden. It helps to create an inviting and cosy space long after dark.

Lanterns are also a great addition and surprisingly offer a lot of extra light. Perfect to add extra lighting to your garden table and highlight entry and exits.

If you’re looking for a little illumination around your borders and plants, we can’t fault solar stake lighting. With a variety of styles, you’re sure to find something suitable to your gardens theme or style and they’re really inexpensive so if they break, it’s not going to break the bank to replace.

Fire pits & getting cosy

If you like to be out in the garden for as late as possible, a fire pit, cosy blankets and pillows are a must, especially if you like to do a bit of star gazing and watch the Perseid annual meteor shower in summer.

Fire pits are often an afterthought when it comes to planning the layout of our gardens but actually it could be one of the focal points, particularly if you have furniture that is more in the lounging than dining. Patios, away from shrubs, trees and fence panels are the best places for fire pits. If you have a square fire pit, build one or plant one in the centre of the patio; if round have it sit on the outskirts with the furniture facing it.

Aid in conservation

The bees and butterflies are still in danger so it’s only right, as we’re pretty dependent on them, to consider them in any garden update.

To help encourage these precious insects into our gardens, the following installs can make all the difference:

  • Flowers such as lavender, jasmine, thyme and marjoram are a favourite among the buzzing bees and pretty butterflies.
  • Bug hotels allow these insects a safe space to store their forage whilst they go about their business.
  • Avoid harmful chemicals when dealing with pests or weeds as these will kill our friends. There are alternative and natural ways to dealing with irritants.

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