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It’s recommended that we drink between 6 and 8 cups (1.2 litres) of water a day to maintain normal body function. If you don’t currently drink this much, it can be a pretty hard habit to instill. The key thing to remember with habits, is you can form new ones in just 21 days. Bearing this in mind, give our tips on increasing your water intake a try over the next 21 days and let us know in the comments if it made a difference.

Firstly, why should you?

  • Water helps your body rid itself of toxins: your kidneys and livers primary function is to rid the body of toxins and proper hydration helps these vital organs perform effectively. It’ll also mean you’re less prone to infection.
  • Your skin is dependent on water- consuming more makes your skin more healthy.
  • It’s also better for your stomach: it aids the digestion process and prevents constipation.
  • It reduces your appetite. Ideal if you’ve a goal to lose/maintain weight. The body often gives the same symptoms for hunger and thirst; try a glass of water before a snack to see if it controls the ‘hunger’ before your next meal.
  • It relives headaches, fatigue, stomach upset and helps acne.
  • Drinking water improves concentration and boosts your energy. If you’re feeling lethargic despite drinking lots of water, try reducing your sugar/caffeine intake which can counter the water’s benefits.
  • Water has no calories, contains no sugar and is a cheap and free way to quench your thirst.
Infused water

Try infusing water with fruits and herbs for a better taste. We particularly love sage and blackberry for a refreshing beverage!

How to increase your water intake:

  • Personally, I keep a 1.5l bottle of water with me at all times. When I am in public, I keep a smaller bottle and top it up as I go. Many shops and restaurants offer a top up for free.
  • Set yourself reminders during the day to have a glass. For example, one when you wake up, during an allocated break, before your meals (though it’s this isn’t ideal for those with digestive issues) and before you go to bed.
  • Top up your glass with natural flavours. If you really don’t find drinking water appetizing (you will get use to it, I promise), why not try it with some natural flavouring? Fill a glass jug with water, ice, herbs and/or fruit for an infusion of flavour. See our favourite infused water recipes through Pinterest.
  • Introduce high water content fruit and veg into your diet. Good to Know have a table on the 7 fruits and vegetables high in water.
  • Drinking fruit/infused/English teas and coffee is a way to contribute to your water content. Although caffeinated drinks can be a dehydrant, they still contribute to your water intake.
  • On a night out, drink one glass of water to one glass of alcohol or at least make sure you have a pint before bed. Your head will thank you for it in the morning too!

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