Written in collaboration with Rosana Beechum

We all have that one person that it just seems impossible to buy for. Maybe they are particularly picky or have a unique sense of humour and taste; it can be challenging to come up with great new gifts year after year.

If you’re tearing your hair out trying to find that perfect gift, then read on for some of the best weird and unusual gift ideas.

Gift them a star

The gift of a star is one of the most romantic present ideas out there. There are a number of services that you can use to have a star named after someone, or you can let your giftee choose the name of a star.

Gifting a star will also make an excellent, thoughtful gift for anyone you know is a keen stargazer. You could even complement the present with the gift of a telescope so that they can view their star any time they wish.

A gift that makes them think

Particularly in times of COVID-19, a gift that enables your giftee to use their mind and fill their days with mystery and fun will be an excellent choice.

For someone who enjoys solving problems, you could gift them a mystery box. Mysterious Mail have weird, unusual gifts that deliver clues and parcels to a giftee for them to solve. This is a brilliant choice for anyone who enjoys a good murder mystery!

A title

If you know someone who’s always been a lord or lady at heart, there are services out there that allow you to purchase a small plot of Scottish land. In Scotland, any landowner can use the titles of Lady, Lord or Laird. This makes it the perfect gift for anyone who will get a kick out of selecting “Lord” or “Lady” on application forms!

This type of gift has the added advantage of your giftee being able to visit their plot of land so that you can make some fun travel plans for the future.

A memorable experience

If you’re buying for someone who hates clutter, then you can do no better than choosing a gift experience. There are so many different gift experiences available, from hot air balloon rides to driving an F1 racing car to wine tasting, you will be able to find the perfect experience gift for anyone.

As we all do our best to get through the coronavirus pandemic, gifting an experience to someone having a lockdown birthday can be a great way to ensure that your giftee’s birthday gets properly celebrated when the pandemic has subsided.

Donate to charity

Building trust

If you’re buying for someone who is a keen supporter of a particular charity, then donating on their behalf could be the ultimate thoughtful and unusual gift idea.

Giving to charity is perfect for anyone who has all they need, and a lovely way to celebrate a birthday, especially during these challenging times. You could even organise a whip around with friends and family to make an even bigger difference.

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