Christmas means a busy social calendar, which in turn means you’re probably on the lookout for a great wardrobe for all the exciting events you’ve got coming up. From Christmas Day to New Year’s Eve and everything in between, it’s a glamorous time of year. There’s no doubt that your dresses will take centre stage, but why should those exciting outfits stop at that?

It’s often forgotten that underwear is a huge part of any outfit you wear, whether it’s seen by others or not. It can boost your confidence, help to flatter your figure and just generally make you feel beautiful. After all, knickers can be just as glamorous and luxurious as the dress you’re wearing over them!

This season, invest in great underwear styles that are going to ensure you feel great about yourself no matter what. Here is some inspiration to get you started!


So often knickers are an afterthought; a practical garment for practical purposes. Cotton and jersey materials are often favoured for underwear due to comfort, but don’t be afraid to branch out; so many other fabrics can offer the same comfort, with a bit of added glamour too.

Satin and silk are beautiful choices for your next pair of knickers; smooth and easy to wear, they are perfect underneath your favourite party dress. Think of delicate organza detailing with a satin sheen and your knickers are instantly upgraded to something more gorgeous; if only for your eyes.

Both lace and mesh are also fascinating choices for your underwear. Lace panels or a mesh back can instantly add some cheekiness to your knickers, even if you’re only wearing a pair of briefs!


Knickers don’t have to be plain; look for designs that have something about them. After all, you’ll immediately feel more confident knowing that you’re wearing really beautiful underwear!

At this time of year, sequins are everywhere and your knickers should be no exception. Sequin embellishment on even the simplest of shapes can enhance their appearance and make them a little more exciting – and festive! Glitter will have the same effect; look for a glitter mesh material when shopping for knickers that adds some extra sparkle.

If you’re looking for a minimalistic look under this year’s party dress, tie sides are a popular style. Similar to bikinis, knickers with tie detailing often have very narrow sides that are great for form-fitting outfits.

However, if your style is more the opposite, knickers with a skirt are a beautiful choice and can still be worn underneath your chosen outfit. Adding a little detail to otherwise ordinary knickers, a skirt is a feminine and flirty way to take your lingerie up a notch.


Nude, black and white are the go-to shades for practical underwear, but why limit yourself? Underwear looks even more beautiful when created in an array of bright, eye-catching shades, adding to the charm of your party outfit. Consider matching your underwear to your chosen ensemble for an extra touch.

Hot pink and red are great choices for those feeling a little more adventurous, while glitzy shades of gold or silver work brilliantly. If you’re indecisive by nature, let that reflect in your choices;go multi-coloured for a unique take on your usual underwear style!

Whatever underwear you treat yourself to this year, make sure it’s something that makes you feel the best version of you.

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