Written in collaboration with Emily Jones.

Every year and season we see the rise of new trends and fashions. While 2020 might not be the best year humanity has seen, fashion wise it has taken off quite well. As always, there are quite a few interesting new trends to keep your eyes on.

Here are some of the best ones seen so far:

Bucket bags

The design of the bucket bag is very unique and one of its most loved features is its stylish practicality- hence it can be used for work, school, on vacation or simply as a day to day bag. It is very versatile and can go with anything. Because of its design, it’s important to pick a good quality item to prevent the bag from sagging or losing its shape. The best material is leather, as it holds its shape, doesn’t scratch and actually becomes more beautiful when worn. You can find bags like this on websites like Mirta for example that sell gorgeous Italian bucket bags for women, all 100% hand crafted with genuine and locally sourced materials.


Hair and head accessories have been in the fashion industries for a long time; however, in 2020, they made a strong comeback. Although at first many people hated the fact that headbands reminded them of their childhood, they are now embracing the trend. From Instagram to the runways, it’s all about the headband and the chic bandana on your head. Fantastic for keeping your hair tidy on windy days or safe from strong sun rays during the hot summer, sporting a headband is now every fashion addicts must have. Available in all sizes and materials, one of the most popular is the puffy velvet headband- classy, flattering and with major Blair Waldorf vibes.

Gold hoop earrings

Earrings are one of those items that just give your entire look that extra oomph. This year, one of the trendiest pieces are small and chunky gold hoops. Giving off a bit of a nineties vibe, these earrings look great on everyone and can go with any outfit. Additionally, since the hoops are small, you will barely notice you have them on. When you have a date, dinner or work, why not finish your look with this fantastic piece.


Hats are one of the items that are on the top of the fashion trend chart. Berets have been in the fashion world for decades. However, in 2020, this accessory has made a comeback in a glitzier contemporary look. Berets can be worn in any weather and is easily styled; from chic Parisian-inspired looks to street-style grunge, they are always perfect to complete your look. 

Cat-eye sunglasses

Perhaps the first sign of 90’s fashion coming back were these sunglasses: tiny frames and pointed end, who doesn’t remember sporting these? Cat eye glasses give you a sophisticated look that can be worn with any outfit, regardless of the style you prefer. Another plus is that this shape suits all faces!

Crew socks

This is one of the items that has been trendy for a while now. The crew socks are among the most affordable and classic piece that you must have. The socks can be worn in casual wear, especially when you have sweatpants, shorts and sneakers on. This will give you an ultimate look anytime.

Have you been enjoying any these trends and if so, which ones? Let us know in the comments below.

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