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It’s been a while. It’s been a while since we got to pack our bags and take off to another country and be amazed by new landscapes or wake up surrounded by a language we don’t understand and trying foods we have never tasted before.

There is a very special kind of excitement that comes with exploring new places – far or near – and never knowing what to expect on the next corner, behind the next hill or even in the little supermarket. It’s a thrill most of us never tire of and after having been deprived of it for a while, it is time to make some new plans!

Just like watching Broadchurch and Poldark make us long to visit the coasts of the South West again, there are lots of shows that give us itchy feet… but also give us great ideas on places to explore!

Worldwide travel inspiration

We can agree that anything David Attenborough in it is a go-to when you get itchy feet. But what else is out there? What other shows make you get out your passport, or at least your travel notebook and bucket list?

Let’s start with some obvious ones: Get the rush of international travel from The Amazing Race and Race Around the World. It’s on the BBC so you can watch all the episodes, some are even on YouTube if you don’t have a subscription.

For a slightly less hectic but still real travel thrill, take a look at Jack Whitehall: Travels with my father. These shows are ideal if you want a travel themed show with real characters at the heart of it.

Similarly, you should definitely check out Pedal The World, a documentary about a young German who, well, pedals his way around the world. He makes it around 22 countries on his bike. On YouTube you can also find the adventures and tales of Ed Pratt who unicycled around the world for three years. (Note to sports fans: with summer approaching, there are some amazing landscapes and places to be discovered just watching cycling races.)

Visit Asia

However, if you prefer fiction, you could travel to India with Eat, Pray, Love, see the forests of Alaska with Into The Wild, or live the Australian outback farm life with McLeod’s Daughters. Heading to Asia, you could re-watch Seven Years In Tibet or watch Joanna Lumley’s Silk Road Adventure for some non-fiction travel stories.

South America

To get to know some local culture and people, local Andes takes you right into the heart of South America, full of colour and kindness. And if you prefer the water to the mountains, get to know Jago in the documentary A Life Underwater. While we will never be able to do what he does in one single breath, you get to see the beautiful surroundings he works in. (Note to underwater fanatics: you have seen My Octopus Teacher, right?)

Now we may still see him as that little teen who did High School Musical, but did you know Zac Efron did a good series of travel docs called Down to Earth? On his travels he looks at sustainable ways of life, which is definitely something interesting to plan your travels by.


And if you are tempted by the nomadic lifestyle, Expedition Happiness is a great way to start dreaming of your vanlife, as are some YouTube channels with brilliant weekly videos, from families travelling in vans to people and their pets.

Now are you ready to grab your passport or at least look up flights?

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