Travel: Discovering the Marvellous Cefalù

Posted on Oct 3 2018 - 9:00am by Guest writer

Written in collaboration with Emily Jones

Cefalù is a popular tourist resort in Sicily, Italy. Just an hour by car from Palermo, it is a stunning town on the island’s north coast famous for it’s beautiful sandy beach and fascinating old town. It might be a small place, but Cefalù has a huge amount to offer its visitors with mediaeval streets full of small shops, restaurants offering the best food you have ever tasted and not forgetting an incredible Norman cathedral. Of course, for all these reasons Cefalù has many visitors throughout the year, and there are various options to choose from when looking for accommodation in this charming town. Rather than staying in a hotel room, more and more people are choosing to stay in one of the many beautiful locally owned villas in Cefalù. Staying in these (often beachfront) villas allows families not only more space, but also the opportunity to prepare their own food, or the food for fussy little eaters too.


One of the reasons why Cefalù is so popular is the crystal clear seawater you can find at its sandy beach. Many beaches in Sicily are rocky rather than sandy, which though no less stunning, can make family beach trips more difficult. But the golden sand of Cefalù’s “Lungomare” is very inviting.  However, it is not only the beach that attracts visitors to this lovely town. The “Duomo” is a spectacular Normal Cathedral, which dominates Cefalù’s historic centre. If the outside seems impressive, then you will be amazed but what you find inside. The interior is full of incredible mosaics all created in the 12th century. Many visitors to Sicily come to Cefalù just to see these impressive mosaics in person.

Above this cathedral is another incredible reason to holiday in Cefalù- the “Rocca”. This is a huge rock formation that overlooks the village and creates the perfect background for any holiday photos. There are even some ancient ruins on top of the Rocca so many people hike almost 3 hundred metres (this takes around 40 minutes) to see these. If you plan on taking this walk, you really must be sure to take a bottle of water and avoid peak temperatures, as Sicily can be very hot during the summer.

It would be impossible to discuss a holiday to Cefalù without mentioning the incredible Italian cuisine you can find there. Whether you are looking for pasta, pizza, seafood or delicious desserts- all can be found in Sicily. As Cefalù is a coastal town the seafood served in restaurants here is as fresh as can be, and you really have to taste it to believe how good it is.  Typical Sicilian dishes include Arancini – fried balls of rice filled with ragu or other tasty things served fresh across the island. Or if you prefer something sweet try a Cannolo- pastry filled with sweetened fresh ricotta, often with chopped nuts or candied fruit added.

Whatever your reason for visiting Cefalu, one thing is sure- it will be a holiday you will never forget.

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