Rewearing and recycling clothing is all the rage, but it can still seem daunting to wear the same outfit twice, especially to a party or wedding. Although it’s always nice to have something new, often it isn’t necessary and sometimes it’s a relief to save the cost. Want to embrace rewearing? Here are some of tips to wearing an outfit more than once to whatever occasion you have coming up.

Style it in new ways

A simple and effective way to rewear an item of clothing is to style it in new ways. It could be pairing it with new shoes, adding tights and a cardigan, adding statement jewellery, or choosing a clutch over a handbag are all simple ways to change the look of an outfit. Additionally, styling your hair in a completely different way to when you last wore the outfit can help you and others to see the outfit in a completely different light.

Try contrasting colours for your accessories if the outfit is a block colour, or if it is a patterned outfit, pick out one of the colours in it to find your accessories. Whether you have the accessories at home or perhaps need to buy new, this is a really cost effective and quick solution to reinvigorating an outfit.  

Reinvent your outfit

Everyone should know a tailor or seamstress. Whether you buy high street, designer or bespoke, a tailor or seamstress can make an outfit uniquely yours and change it as and when you need to. It could also be that they can help you to reinvent your outfit so it does look completely different. They can do this by changing the length, adding, or changing sleeves, adding custom details to it and accessories to make it bespoke to the occasion.

Move it around groups

As we often have different circle of friends; from university, work, through families etc., there are likely circumstances when there will be people who will never have seen you wear a particular outfit or piece of clothing, so unreservedly you can re-wear an item and it’ll seem completely new to them.

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