As part of our happiness series, we thought we’d start with a good ole clear out. Nothing makes me feel more ready for a new start and a fresh year ahead than a really good ‘Spring’ (used loosely) clean.

Here’s our top tips on the little things that can make a big difference:

General but deep house clean

Martha Stewart has created an incredible and detailed spring clean printable which will aid in considering the things long forgotten. She mentions the usual; removing items from shelves and thoroughly wiping those, as well as the best way to clean blinds as well as minor repairs.

Other areas that could do with a good clean

Throw pillows
The washing machine drum and detergent tray

It’s easily forgotten but essential for longevity. It’s best to do this task every 3 months or so so there isn’t a build up of mould which could damage your machine and make your clothes smelly!

How to clean your detergent tray

We like to soak the detergent tray in Milton Sterilizing Fluid for around 30 minutes. It’s great at getting rid of the black marks. Once soaked, re-fill your sink with hot, soapy water and give it a good scrub to get any remaining marks off of it.

How to clean your washing machine

For the actual washing machine, we like to use the Dettol Washing Machine Cleaner. You simply pour into the detergent tray and wash on a 60c wash. It helps to clear bacteria and limescale to keep your washing machine healthy and operational.

Top tip: After each wash, we’d recommend mopping up any water within the door seal. When water is left to sit here, it will go moldy and compromise its use. Be sure to leave the door open after each use so that it can air and dry out too.

If cleaning leather furniture…

Don’t use furniture polish. Doing so will dry the leather out and make the furniture appear older and will be more difficult to maintain. If you’d rather not pay for a professional leather cleaner; a damp soft cloth with a little bit of dish soap on it will do the trick.

The kitchen cupboards

Drawers and cupboards with crockery need a general wipe over, whereas cupboards with food items may need more of a scrub. Regular upkeep will prevent and arduous task. Whilst cleaning, be sure to throw away any expired produce- seasonings are the most inconspicuous!

The inside of the window

Open the window up wide and wipe away the grime with a mould killer or bleach; ensure you rinse with fresh, clean water.

Look to other areas for a clear out

What about DVD’s, CD’s, Books, Toys etc.? If no longer age appropriate, of sentimental value or use, donate to charity, sell online or do a car boot. It’s a great way to earn a little extra cash which can be put towards something else you’d like or a fun activity.

Christmas decorations

Something to bear in mind, we appreciate you’ll only do this once a year!

  • Your real Christmas tree can be recycled as part of your garden waste collection in the two weeks following Christmas. Real trees can also be recycled at the local recycling centre if your local council don’t collect your garden waste.
  • If you’re faux tree or garland is looking a little past its sell by date, why not transform it for next year? Check out our guide to recycling your Christmas decorations.

We hope these tips have proved helpful! If you’re looking for more organisational tips, check out some of our related features below!

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