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When you’re decorating the home, it’s important to consider the function, style and practicality of each room.

Having a general design scheme is a great start, but you’ll need to ensure you decorate each room according to its requirements. To help, here you’ll discover some of the top interior tips for every room of the home.

The lounge and bedroom

Both the lounge and the bedroom should have a more intimate, softer feel than the rest of the house. They’re the haven of the house, so they should promote a relaxing and comforting ambiance.

Part of getting the interior design right in these intimate rooms, is knowing where to save and where to splash out. In the bedroom for example, you can do most things on a budget, but you’ll want to invest that little bit more in the mattress and pillows.

Keep the lighting in these rooms soft and consider adding a darker colour scheme to enhance the room’s relaxing qualities. In terms of furnishings, velvet and wool tend to work especially well at maintaining a warm and cosy atmosphere.

stag bedroom

Kitchen and bathroom

When decorating the kitchen and bathroom, you need to focus more on practicality. Unlike the bedroom and lounge, these rooms require more durable surfaces and a lighter, brighter colour scheme.

You’ll want to make use of natural lighting wherever possible. So, covering up the windows with light blinds rather than thick curtains for example, is a great idea. You’ll find a wide range of modern style blinds from companies such as Direct Blinds. Mirrors can also help you to maximise the natural lighting in the bathroom. Try to place the mirror so that it reflects the light from the window into the room.


The hallway

It’s easy to forget about the hallway when you’re updating the home’s interior. However, as it acts as the entranceway into the home, it should provide a bright, welcoming feel. A great tip is to add stylish artwork onto the walls. This creates a stunning art gallery effect which can make the hallway feel modern and intimate.

Whichever room you’re updating, you may also want to consider adding plants and flowers. Even artificial ones can add the perfect finishing touch to a room. Specific types of plants and flowers look better in specific rooms. A cactus for example, would look fab in the bathroom, while an orchid would look stunning in the lounge.

When decorating the home, the above tips are definitely worth following. Don’t forget to consider the practicality of the room as you want to ensure your décor matches the function of each room. No matter what your budget, there’s a tip above to suit everyone.

This post was created in collaboration with Direct Blinds.

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