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Everyone enjoys rainy weather. However, residents living in wet areas like Fife and Dundee, where they experience rain almost throughout the year, might have to buckle up for the problems faced by wet weather.

One such problem can be taking good care of their car tyres so that they do not slip on a wet road or get damaged by extreme exposure to water or mist affecting the rubber of the tyre.

In order for you to protect tyres, there are tips you can follow to keep the health of your vehicle tyre maintained.

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Tyre tread depth

You can always start by checking the tread depth of the tyre, as it is this layer that protects the rubber of the car’s tyre from getting damaged by the external environment, and road hurdles like potholes and bumps. According to approved UK vehicle laws, a tyre tread depth should be a minimum of 1.6mm. This means it is strong enough to keep your tyres protected. Hence, checking the tread of the tyre once in a while is recommended so you do not face any road halts where your tyre gets damaged by entering excessive water or debris on the road.

Inspect carefully 

The last thing you want is to be stranded at the side of the road

You should always carefully monitor the quality of your tyres by checking the rubber for any bulges or cuts. If you find any, the tyre quality is suffering and can be made weaker when driving on wet or uneven road terrain. You should switch out any damaged or faulty tyres for good quality tyres and change your old deteriorating ones. You can get tyres in Dundee from Fife Autocentre. The garage offers a professional service and has well trained staff to deal with its clients.

Inflate your tyres properly 

Before planning to drive your vehicle, whether a short grocery run or long road trip with your family, you should see if your tyres are properly inflated. Tyre inflation is especially important to check as under inflated tyres might flatten during a road trip and result in a puncture, leaving you and your family stranded in the middle of nowhere. It is always better to properly inflate your tyres to avoid such unforeseen circumstances. 

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