Written in collaboration with Rosana Beechum

Many homeowners out there love the idea of experiencing luxury. Still, goals associated with this can seem mostly out of reach for many.

The appetite for extravagance is stronger than ever. At the start of the year, London’s luxury home sales struck an eight-year peak, with more people vying for a taste of the finer life. Of course, you don’t need to purchase a new property to sample what’s possible here.

Instead, you can make choice changes to your home, creating a more sophisticated atmosphere and mood through decorative elements. But what changes are the most suitable? How can you get the most out of projects such as these?

Read on for some tips that should help you incorporate luxury elements into your home in a more powerful fashion.

Search unlikely places

Incorporating more luxury elements into your home can be a long process, especially if you’re working with a limited budget. Knowing where to get your goods from in these circumstances can be a challenge.

However, remarkable goods can be found in unlikely places, with some people oblivious to the remarkable nature of their items for a long time. Perusing charity shops, car boot sales, town markets, and similar settings can lead to a few surprise purchases that you’d never guess you’d stumble upon.

You could also train your eye in identifying antiques. That way, you may be better versed in purchasing antique goods for a bargain, and uninformed sellers may be none the wiser. It can be a fascinating thing to study that influences how you decorate your property in the future too.

Find promising furniture deals

Many homeowners will incorporate luxury into their homes in small sprinkles. It’s a valid approach but may present limitations in the desired effect you’re going for.  

If you replace furniture with more luxurious additions, that feeling of sophistication will have a stronger feel in your home, both literally and figuratively. Both you and your guests can settle in splendour and have an element of extravagance at the core of your home’s aesthetic and theme. You’d be focusing on function as well as form, creating a practical element too.

Don’t assume that everything is outside of your price range. Try to hunt for deals from reputable sellers. Browse the chesterfield sofa page on the website of Denelli Italia to see what is available here. Note the advantageous price drops that make their range of exciting stock more cost-effective. Customise your high-end furniture with further selections in materials and colours used. 

Focus on perceptions of space

Luxury is only achieved with precision. It’s not a chaotic mishmash of competing ideas but a strategic ploy.

Every item or furniture piece that you feature in your property needs to be able to breathe. Its beauty should be able to stand on its own, free of distracting elements near to it. Of course, not every item in your property needs to be luxurious, but you should consider removing those that actively detract from the aesthetic you’re going for.

Create space to make rooms feel larger and grander. Moreover, every elegant addition will be an impactful statement rather than seem like a last-minute footnote. Keep areas clean and tidy and use your storage for anything that doesn’t contribute.

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