For me, decoratively and in terms of maintenance, I prefer my plants and flowers to be planted in pots. If you do too but your plants don’t seem to thrive, we share our tips to help your plants grow big and strong and to come back year after year.

Check the base

This may sound odd, but you need to make sure that there is a hole in the bottom of your pot to allow for drainage. This will help the plant regulate its need for water and drain out anything it doesn’t need, saving it from drowning. It also allows for air to flow through for healthy growth.

It can restrict its growth


When something gets planted in a pot, we’re limiting its growth to the container its in. If you want it to get larger, to allow the plant the space it needs to grow up and out, you’ll need to transfer it over to a larger pot at some point. Otherwise, your plants will remain at the same level they are currently, or struggle in seasons it finds difficult.

Deadhead frequently

As it is contained, the plant has limited resources to use. Its therefore essential that it is deadhead frequently so its resources aren’t wasted unnecessarily. Contrary to belief, if the plant has ‘dead’ elements, it’ll still try and send food and energy to it which is a waste and will only likely kill the entire plant eventually.

Use fresh soil

It’s wise to use fresh soil when planting a new plant because soil from your garden can have cross contaminants and it may not have the necessary nutrients to help a starting plant.  A good all-rounder soil for plants starting out is multi-purpose with John Innes.

If you’re using a large pot, to save money on soil, it’s fine to use other items to partly fill the pot. Stones/gravel are generally good for plants because they can help with drainage of water. However, be sure to allow for plenty of soil as this is essential for plant health and growth, don’t skimp out.

Feed it

Watering can

It’s likely that your plant won’t have access to some nutrients it needs. So, to help your plants grow big and strong, we recommend that you feed it monthly with an all-purpose feeder. This will ensure that your plant will get all the nutrients that it needs to grow.

With an effective drainage system, superior quality soil, and regular feeding and care, your plants can thrive in a pot. Do you have any further tips? We’d love to hear them, share them in the comments below.

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