We’ve talked about how our skin is the last to be fed the nutrients and minerals we consume through food. And I’ve been told by my hairdresser when I am complaining about the state of my nails the same thing, that our hair, skin and nails are the last to be looked after from within, and the first signs that something isn’t quite right with our health.

Despite being told this, I had never tried to help my nails, skin, or hair from within. I’ve only ever worked at it from a topical level with creams, masks and treatments.

That was until I had a gel removal not long after Christmas, my nails had really had enough. They were peeling, the beds were dry, my nails were soft, cracking and I was getting hangnails constantly. Enough was enough. After doing a fair amount of research on the subject, I discovered the Hair and Nail Supplements from healthspan.

healthspan hair and nail supplements
I’ve been taking the healthspan hair and nail strengtheners and have been blown away by the results.

For me, it was the combination of OptiMSM (for Keratin production- one of the most important ingredients in building healthier skin, nails and hair), broad range of B vitamins, vitamins D, E & C as well as a host of complimentary minerals such as Copper (which encourages hair growth), Iron (to help blood flow, including to your nails) and a boost of oils to help boost shine and further enhance health that had me sold. Not only did I feel that my nails would become stronger and healthier, but my hair and skin would benefit from this treatment and potentially boost other aspects of my health too.

I’ve been blown away by the transformation

Within just 4 days, of only taking one of the recommended two tablets, I had noticed a change in my nails. They were getting significantly stronger. Whereas previously they were flexible, they were now giving me some resistance. The peeling was easing too but still had a way to go. However, it didn’t take long for them to heal completely.

After just 2 weeks, my nails were stronger and healthier than they have been in a very long time. With no additional treatment or conditioning (not even much hand cream) and even the skin around my nail beds are much happier.

It’s also been lovely to see my nails actually grow and not snap at a slip of a door handle. Each time I do that now I’m surprised I haven’t broke a nail whereas before would be unsurprised to have found one snapped.

Results from taking hair and nail supplements
They’re now really strong and it’s nice to see them have a bit of length

Although the most noticeable difference has been my nails, my hair has seen some improvement too. My locks feel smoother and has noticeably got thicker. Only slightly thicker but for a girl with fine hair, any extra volume is a most welcome and noticeable treat.

I’ve been so enthralled by the results that I’ve ordered more to continue with it for a little while longer. I’ll never dismiss the idea that I need to take supplements for my nails ever again. I have seen and experienced first-hand the benefits they deliver.

The supplements were gifted by healthspan at my request. All opinions are my own.

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