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Trying to maintain your skin in this day age can seem a bit daunting. There are lots of poisonous environmental factors and lifestyle habits that can affect and are affecting our skin condition. In addition to  a long list of skincare products, what else can we do?

Lloyds pharmacy now offer a free skin analysis service. Using a professional skin assessment analyser, it can tell you your skin type and what to do next to achieve healthier skin. If you haven’t heard already, understanding your skin’s health is an important part of obtaining a good skincare routine. The analyser uses probes and digital and visual assessments, which scan your skin’s levels of hydration, pH, elasticity, melanin, sebum and temperature, to evaluate your skin type. So, if you want to know your skin type, if you are ageing beyond your years and whole lot more about your skincare routine, then click here to book a free skin analysis test now.

Sarah Chapman is London’s most loved skincare expert to the A list celebrities, beauty editors, socialites and facial obsessives. She is best known for her amazing facials, which deliver beautiful skin, whatever the condition. Using her expert knowledge, she is able to meet the needs of her clients who leave her with a youthful glow. Now, with twenty years of experience, Sarah has released a range of skincare products so everyone can get a piece of the action. Sarah’s treatments promise to rejuvenate, restore and improve your skin’s health.

Cupping is an ancient Asian form of acupuncture. The cupping treatment is where heated cups are applied to localised areas of the body, creating a suction that encourages blood flow, lymph fluid dispersion and healing, mobilising the body’s energy paths. This renewed blood circulation promotes healing around the body and immune system revitalization. By stimulating the blood flow and through the release of toxins, cupping encourages the reconstruction of the connective tissue and will brighten our complexions too.

Detoxification is the removal of toxic substances from the human body to make it healthy and refreshed. It focuses on resting, cleansing and nourishing the body from inside out to remove and eliminate toxins and replacing them with nutrients by removing impurities from the liver, kidneys, intestines, lungs, lymphatic system and skin. This is an area we’re yet to delve further in and we’d strongly recommend seeking advice if this is an area you’d like to explore further but we’d sure recommend taking a look at this Elle article from 2013 which explores a safer version of detoxification. We certainly don’t recommend a total fasting- this will not serve you well. Instead, focus on clean, unprocessed, organic foods and water which will be abundant in nutrients and dry body brushing tips to help stimulate the lymphatic system as an alternative measure and very healthy form of detox. TIP: Consume each meal hot for a minimum of 2 weeks (we’d recommend 4) which will save your stomach a process, making the digestive process a little easier whilst restoring your system.

Harley Street Skin Clinic offers a wide range of safe, effective and proven treatments for the whole body. Their skin experts deliver the latest hi-tech facial treatments to improve your skin and tackle any signs of ageing. They focus on anti-ageing from within by using functional medicine that uses a more patient-focused approach. By acknowledging the genetic and environmental history and your lifestyle factors, they are able to evaluate your skin’s health for each individual patient.

Colon cleansing is another way of removing toxins from the body but through the colon and intestinal tract. It is used to replenish the body from unhealthy food and drink, polluted air and, overall, our lifestyle choices. It is believed that colon cleansing can help with fatigue, bloating, irritated skin, as well as health and weight problems. There are two methods to colon cleansing. One is to take laxatives, herbal teas, powders or supplements to release colon waste and toxins. Whereas the second method involves a practitioner who flushes out the colon by sending water into the rectum through a tube- we’d certainly recommend the latter option as you’ll be getting expert advice and support to make the most of your colon cleanse and ultimately save your health.

Dry body brushing has plenty of benefits and it’s something you can do at home and only takes 5 minutes! By brushing your skin it not only removes dead skin cells but it increases the circulation to the skin, which reduces cellulite. It also rejuvenates the nervous system by stimulating the nerve endings in the skin, as well as helping with muscle tone by distributing fat deposits and energising the lymphatic system stimulating the detoxification of trapped waste, energy and muscle tension. Overall, it’s a win win.

Daily moisturising can have many benefits to your skin. Your moisturiser works by trapping the moisturiser into your skin to restore the moisture that’s already been lost. It can make you look younger with softer skin, create more elastic skin and it will keep your skin hydrated, which means less wrinkles. Work in an upward circular motion from your feet up to aid blood floor which will also improve your skins tone if done every day. For the best effect, you should use your moisturiser at the same time every day after you shower- and don’t forget about your skin before bed.

Overall, there are many different ways to improve our skin’s health. From specialist treatments to at home techniques. There is never a short list when it comes to skincare and anti-ageing. But it all starts with you.

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