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The Surgeon

Dr Anna Whiley has never lost a patient, but this time, something happened in the operating room. After surgery, Caleb Donaghy’s heart wouldn’t start and as she tried to massage it, she took a peek behind the sheet separating her from her patient’s face. After seeing him – shaved for the surgery – she called time of death. Her first patient death.

If this wasn’t bad enough, Anna quickly finds out someone is investigating the death: Assistant State Attorney Paula Fuselier. Where did she get the information from? Did Anna’s husband Derek let something slip in one of their meetings at a hotel? Their liaison was supposed to be mutually beneficial, Anna working her way up in the SA’s office and Derek running for Mayor, but could he have divulged too much and caused this investigation into his wife’s work?

For Anna the question remains: Could she have saved him if she had continued her resuscitation efforts? If she hadn’t seen the mark on his forehead, would she have been able to save him?

What seems to be the main story line turns out to only be the framing for a very different story hiding deeper within. The first story twists answers to the question we’ve been asking ourselves since the very beginning, but also opens up a lot of new ones too.

While the first half of the book mainly sets up the story and develops the question we’ve been asking ourselves since the beginning (or even since reading the description), it’s in the second half that things really get spicy.

In the second twist, we see that nothing was as it seems and the true motivations were very different from what they seemed. The situation had been commandeered for a very long time and yet, it took a complete coincidence for everything to turn out exactly like this and to create the final plot twist that even the mastermind puppeteer hadn’t anticipated.

The Surgeon by Leslie Wolfe was published 8th March 2023 by Bookouture. ISBN: 9781837903313

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