School teaches you the skills needed to get a job; the broad subjects explored throughout school life can help you to find a passion for a future career. But the subjects that would encompass life skills, such as cookery, woodwork, or textiles, are explored only briefly and only equip you with a few core capabilities. Equally, those core skills that we should learn from the generations; money management, cooking, home making, generational health… these are not passed on either.

So how can we find success, how can we function in society, if we haven’t got the foundational tools we need to navigate life? Each new generation is having to ‘find their way’. No school or parents are helping to build up and prepare the children of and for the future.

Many of us recall learning about reproductive health at school, or the lack of. Most of us were told about what to expect when it came to getting a period, but we didn’t discuss what would happen when it ended. That’s something that I, and millions of women, get to enjoy finding out through our own personal experience it seems; boys weren’t even included in the conversation because it wasn’t seen as relevant to them- not that their mothers, sisters and/or partners experience and struggle with it.

Sex education is also the kind of thing you’d remember learning; sex was a fascinating and equally horrifying subject to teenagers. But although timetabled in secondary school, I don’t recall learning a thing in the classroom. Was it a sense of embarrassment from the teacher that nothing was actually taught? That is the sense I’ve been left with and I am sure many of you can relate. 

Also, what is with the silence when it comes to money management or financial matters? We all have likely encountered hard financial lessons which could’ve been avoided with a bit of knowledge and guidance. For example, we bought our first house just before the 2007 recession hit, so at the time we secured a favourable fixed rate; but once the recession hit, the financial markets crashed and with it the interest rate. When we came off our fixed rate after 5 years, we were thrilled to reduce our mortgage by half. However, had we been about remortgaging, it’s likely we could’ve halved it again; the variable rate we moved to was based on a pre-recession rate so for 4 years we overpaid considerably. I wince when I recall that.  It’s no wonder so many don’t own their own home, often feeling it’s far beyond reach or too confusing or challenging to manage. 

What we’re seeing as a result of this knowledge gap is a lot of uncertainty and anxiety, a lack of confidence, reduced risk taking, lack of motivation and drive and even a sense of ‘what’s the point in trying’. There’s a sense of schools not being equipped to teach it all and parents not having the time or forethought to share valuable insight (and expecting the school to have the sole responsibility of educator). There is arguably a selfishness in not sharing knowledge too; we see parents wanting to be needed and relied on and older generations voting for personal financial interests. The kids are the ones left asking ‘why do I have to fight?’.

This knowledge gap was one of the principles behind founding Anything Goes Lifestyle. I created this site to be a resource that can help our readers navigate all elements of their lives, whatever their interests, goals, wherever they are in their life, or want to get out of it. We want women to take charge and have confidence in financial matters, health management, career success- whatever that means to them, and have the tools and resources to fuel their passions for life and have zest for living. We want to create a community for open conversation, shared experience, a support network to help quench that knowledge gap. 

We’re not afraid to tackle those uncomfortable questions, nor do we shy away from them. We want to equip and educate and signpost our readers, for this generation and the next, to what they need, when they need it.If there is something you’d like us to work on and research, please don’t hesitate to drop a comment below or send us an email.

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