Looking to change your hairstyle? Whether you’re thinking of going for a short cut like the bowl, pixie or bob or considering whether it’s worth spending the time to grow your hair out we’ve got the complete hairstyle guide that will help you decide what suits you most so when your need for change takes over, so you can be confident with your decisions.

Face Shape

The first step is to establish what face shape you have. The dimensions of your face determine which length hair will suit you, whether a fringe will complement or hinder and so much more; you can use this distinction to select glasses too!

To get a true indication of your face shape, you need to measure it. Grab a flexible tape measure (the kind you find in sewing kits), a piece of paper and pen and standing in front of the mirror take a note of the following in inches:

Face shape measurement

  • Cheek to Cheek– from the outer corner of the eye to the other outer corner of the eye (resting the tape measure across the bridge of your nose)
  • Forehead- from hairline to hairline at the widest part
  • Jawline– about an inch below your ears and again from the widest point
  • Face length– from the middle of your hairline to the bottom of your chin.

Your face shape:

Square- If all of your measurements are within an inch or two of each other, you’ve got a square shaped face. Your jaw in particular is quite distinct and sharp at the widest part.

Long/Rectangular- If the face length is the largest measurement, you’ve got a long face shape. You’ll also have similar measurements in cheek to cheek, forehead and jawline too.

Oval- If the cheek to cheek, forehead and jawline measurements are almost equal, you have an oval face. Arguably the most versatile face shape there is.

Heart- If you have wider forehead and broader cheek to cheek measurements, your face is generally a little longer than it is wider, and the chin is pointed, you have a heart shaped face.

Round– You have a round face if your face is as wide as it is long. The distinction between this face shape and square is usually you’ll have a smaller forehead and a smaller, curved jawline.

Diamond- If you’re narrower in the forehead and chin with wider cheekbones you have a diamond face shape.

Triangle– Characteristically you have a triangular face shape if you’ve quite a prominent chin and are widest in the jawline and have a relatively narrower forehead.

The Best Hairstyles for Your Face Shape

A rule of thumb to follow when it comes to hairstyles for your face shape, you want to go for something that contrasts to compliment.


As your features are quite distinct, cuts that compliment this shape are:

Square face shape

Square face shape like Olivia Wilde. Image by: Cristiano Del Riccio

  • Graduated layers
  • If you’ve fine hair, blunt cuts are best for mid-length hair (too long and it’ll make your chin very prominent)
  • Angled bobs which are longer in the front
  • You don’t want a style to sit on your jawline
  • Curls are great to soften distinct features
  • Fringes will look great if your hair isn’t curly- let it graze your eyebrows

To help balance out the length, cuts that compliment this shape are:

Long face shapes

Long/Rectangle face shape like Sarah Jessica Parker. Image by: David Shankbone

  • Fringes- A super easy way to shorten your shapes length. Long fringes off the face are particularly flattering.
  • If you’ve fine hair, take it a little shorter to give the illusion of volume- you don’t want too much volume on top in any case as it can elongate the face more.
  • If you’re going for length have long layers put in that start with the cheekbones to help soften your look. Just past shoulder is the optimal length as really long hair can exaggerate your face length.
  • Texture, curls or waves will give the illusion of  a fuller, rounder face.

This is a shape you can pretty much pull anything off!

  • Flat hair can make your face appear longer so a cut that works with your hair type (fine, thick etc.) will help give the illusion of volume.
  • As this is a shape where anything goes, look to your features and work with a style that will highlight that/them!
  • If you want to keep the face shape avoid cuts that sit on the face e.g. a heavy fringe which may draw attention away from your eyes

Your chin is your most prominent feature in this face shape. Avoid styles/cuts that will exaggerate this:

Heart face shape

Heart face shape like Reese Witherspoon. Image by: Georges Biard

  • Volume on top is really flattering with this look so whether you’re wearing your hair up or down work in some volume into the roots. Work with your hair type for a cut that will help with this illusion.
  • If you want some layers put in go for long, soft, structured layers and make sure that you don’t have any that sit on your chin/jawline.
  • A fringe could take away some of the attention from a sharp chin.
  • Big, soft, loose curls/waves will really suit this face shape.
  • If you want to go short you want to avoid styles that will make you look top heavy- steer clear of blunt cuts.

There is quite a bit of flexibility with a round face:

Round face shape

Round face shape like Emma Stone. Image by: Georges Biard

  • Graduated bobs are super flattering
  • If you want a fringe go for long and wispy- short will just accentuate the roundness.
  • Cuts/styles that fall either side of the centre parting will compliment this shape most
  • Really short, choppy styles add height and elongate the face
  • Steer clear of one length styles

To offset the features in this shape, try any of the following:

  • Fringes help to give the illusion of a more oval shaped face- try side swept, heavy blunt fringes will not suit.
  • Chin length bobs can add width to the chin area
  • If you want to have longer hair, add lots of layers.
  • Hair off the face will make it look less narrower.

Ideally you want a style that will soften your jawline. Here’s how:

  • Long hair (collarbone or lower) will soften the jawline
  • Layers will help to soften and balance the jawline too- long or short!
  • Fringes whether full on or side-swept are very flattering and will balance your facial proportions.
  • Texture on top and sides are also really complimentary- think gradual bobs and off centre partings.
  • Long waves/curls will look stunning too- just look at Jennifer Aniston (we’ve had hair envy for years!)

If you’re looking for more information, we love the InStyle perfect cuts guide  for further assitance and guidance.

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