What we’re doing, watching, reading, and our plans for July. 


We’ve decided to have a ‘staycation’ this year, where we’ll do fun activities each day, but stay at home and try to cut down on screen time. We’re looking forward to that! We’re also looking forward to a quick trip into London to see the sights. I plan to do ‘life skills camp’ with my kids this year, too, to teach them basic skills I want them to know. I’m intrigued to see how that goes …

I’ve also picked up Hollie McNish’s latest poetry book, Lobster, which I am looking forward to devouring. And I plan to pick up a new skill by learning embroidery (if I can find the time!).


I am reading the latest story in The Wartime Bookshop series: Evacuees at the Wartime Bookshop, by Lesley Eames and I can’t put it down! I love how familiar the characters feel and I find myself genuinely wanting to see how their stories progress. Lesley has cleverly created a world, anchored around three main protagonists, that can be continually evolved and still have you wanting more. 

Aside from reading, which I am wanting to do much more of (again), I am taking more time in my day and week, to focus on my health and wellbeing. I am reintroducing a strength training programme to build muscle strength and tone post surgery – finding my baseline tolerance to exercise so I can maintain this even when impacted by my endometriosis flares; incorporating a stretch routine into each day, as well as periods of calm relaxation – a good stretch out on the floor with a heated lavender eye pillow on my eyes and some calming relaxing music whilst I just close my eyes and regulate my breathing! Additionally, I am focusing on my diet to try and incorporate the 20-30 microbiome loving foods as recommended in the Netflix documentary: Hack Your Health, as well as boosting my probiotic levels following a lot of antibiotics post-surgery, and additional supplements that help my energy – which is very depleted right now. 

I am hoping these restorative steps will help me to feel renewed in time for Summer! 


This summer I’m taking the time to explore right outside my front door (well, and further afield, but not leaving the country!). 

I’m planning on seeing as much of France as possible on a solo road trip. I’ll be self-reliant, as much as possible (I do plan the occasional hotel night to recharge my batteries – literally and figuratively speaking), but trying to really explore life on the road, and trying to live only by my own schedule. 

The personal goal? Remind myself what it’s like to be without constraints. Eat when I’m hungry, not because “it’s time”, walk when I feel I need to move, and sit to read when it feels like I need a slow day. 

The laptop is mostly for work, but Gilmore Girls episodes are there should I want them and my kindle currently has on it: Eddie Winston Is Looking For Love by Marianne Cronin, Then, Again by  Jaclyn Youhana Garver, First in Line, by Sandra Lindsay with Joanne Skerrett, and a non-fiction I’m dipping in and out of: The Cure for Burnout by Emily Ballesteros. My audiobook is as usual a French book because I like listening to French! 

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