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Fitness Feature: Muscle Relaxation

Your physical fitness is as much about how to relax the muscles as it is to work them. Incorporating a relaxation routine into your workout will help you achieve better health overall. Try these techniques to wind the muscles down.

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Fitness Feature: Altitude- climbing mountains

Fancy taking on Snowdon, Kilimanjaro or even Everest? There’s no doubt it’s challenging to climb a mountain but like any other programme of exercise, it’s all about training. For mountain climbing, one of the most difficult aspects is adjusting to altitude, we take a look at this.

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Sutton Foster Hooked

Whether she's playing an "age-defying" book editor on television or dazzling audiences on the Broadway stage, Sutton Foster manages to make it all look easy. How? Crafting. From the moment she picked up a cross stitch needle to escape the bullying chorus girls in her early performing days, she was hooked. Channeling her emotions into her creations centered Sutton as she navigated the significant moments in her life and gave her tangible reminders of her experiences. Accompanying the stories, Sutton has included crochet patterns, recipes, and so much more!

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