Promotional Feature with Gift Giving

Teenagers can be difficult, or at least that’s what we’ve been told!

Still, there’s something lovely about the transition period that teenagers enter when they turn 16. They’re becoming adults, but they still have the open mind and eyes of a younger child. So on their 16th birthday, it just seems right to get them a sweet gift!

Here are 7 quick ideas on what you might want to get your favourite sixteen-year-old for their birthday!

A Planner

Teenagers are busier than ever before, and they are only going to get busier as they become adults! Take this time to buy them a gift that will really help them avoid stress – a planner!

This practical gift can also be adorable if you buy them some cute pens and decorative stickers to use inside.

A Money Gift Card

Gift them a gift card that isn’t for any one store, but can be used like a credit or debit card. Teenagers don’t always have their own bank accounts or bank cards just yet, so this is a fun treat that will make them feel one of the small benefits of being an adult!

Figurine Gifts

Sixteen-year-olds are at a great age at which they are starting to feel the sentimentality of gift giving and receiving, so gifting them memorable collectible figurines will help them remember this time of their life forever. See for some fantastic ranges in this area.

A Book Subscription

Find a monthly book subscription box that your favourite teen might love, and sign them up for a few months. Every month, they’ll get to choose a book or two to receive. This gift will help them keep learning and give them something new to look forward to!

A Weekend Escape

If the teenager you are buying for is family, talk to their parents about going away for a weekend!

Teenagers often love to travel, but many would also love to get the chance to travel without their parents now and again! Give them this opportunity by doing a weekend getaway together. You don’t have to go far, but this gift will be one that could shape them for the rest of their lives.

Phone Gift Cards

It can be hard to keep up with the times or figure out what teenagers like these days. But you don’t have to if you remember one thing: they all love their phones!

Gifting them a phone gift card will allow them to spend money on their favourite music, games, or whatever other app they have attached to their phone. Gift cards can seem impersonal to some, but to the younger generation, they’re the perfect treat!


Lacklustre as it may seem, a lot of teenagers would be more than happy to receive clothes, especially if you get them a brand that everyone is wearing.

Often, parents don’t get the chance to buy the brands their teenagers want most because they are too expensive, so gifting one nice item from the teen’s favourite brand makes for a great gift that you can be sure they’ll get great usage out of!

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