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Whether you have a garden, a patio, or a balcony, the summer is the perfect time to enjoy it. Here are some simple, effective, and good value ways to enhance your outside space.

Start at the beginning

Work on the front of your house

It can be easy to forget the front of our homes when thinking about outside space. A big trend this year is to bring the front to the fore! Add a hanging basket or window box for an instant pop of colour. This is also a top tip for helping your home stand out, particularly useful if you’re looking to sell for a lifestyle change. You can get plants from budget supermarkets or free online groups so it doesn’t have to cost a lot.

Bringing inside out

Using your outside space as another room can help small places feel more expansive.  Even if it’s a small space itself, a few well-chosen accessories can update the mood so you have somewhere else to just be. You can make furniture from free pallets, paint with bright colours, and decorate with blankets and cushions to make the most of this trend. Outdoor rugs pull the space together.

Get growing

Space-saving ideas like vertical or shelving planters mean you can grow your own food at home too. Use your windowsills for lettuce, microgreens, and herbs. Strawberries and tomatoes can be grown in hanging baskets. With concerns over food air miles, the rise in veganism, and wellness from healthy eating, growing food at home is a great way to ensure you’re getting your vitamins while looking after the planet.

Save the bees

Grow lavender in the garden and enjoy it within the home!

Drought-resistant plants, like lavenders, are perfect for coping with climate change and supporting our little insect friends. Perfect for window boxes or for little hedges in a larger space, there are medicinal qualities to this fragrant flower. As the flowers start to die off, cut them back. This encourages further growth and you can dry the bunches of cuttings. Hang in your bedroom to help soothe you to sleep. Once they’re dried, scrunch them up and put into fabric bags. Lovely for eco-gifting to pop under pillows for sweet dreams.

Entertaining space

A big trend this summer is for entertaining in your outdoor space as we rush back to one another. Chimeneas and firepits are ideal for unpredictable British summers! Outdoor bars are a fun way to keep drinks cool and on-hand. Outdoor kitchens and pizza ovens are a fabulous way to enjoy time outdoors together. In smaller spaces, why not find a second-hand, vintage drinks trolley for that luxe feel?

If you don’t have anywhere outdoors to call your own right now, look to macrame. Plant holders hadn’t been seen since the 70s but they’re back and swinging in any spot now. You can even make your own from lots of online tutorials. This is a lovely eco-gift to yourself or for a friend. Having plants inside your home can help with your health, both physical and mental.

This article was created by Louisa Wood, contributing writer for Anything Goes Lifestyle

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