Written in collaboration with Rosana Beechum

When you are a busy mom, your fashion sense can quickly become the very last thing on your long list of things to worry about. From making sure that the school run goes smoothly, to fighting your kids into the bath every night, getting ready each morning becomes more about convenience than style.

However, being a mom doesn’t mean that you can’t look stylish with some of the most wanted designer items currently on the market. By making a few simple changes and following some of our top tips, you can transform your closet ready for summer. The warm nights and bright days are just around the corner, and what better way to get yourself and your closet prepared for the change in season than by getting a few summer fashion tips under your belt!

Summer dresses are great, but don’t bother with white

A staple clothing item that is a must-have for every busy mom once the summer season approaches is a summer dress. In fact, they are so good that we recommend you have a few! They are easy to throw on and look great, so it is easy to look like you have put some effort into your appearance in the morning.

However, a word of warning when it comes to summer dresses – avoid the color white at all costs! While they might look summery, they won’t last five minutes while out and about with your little ones. From running around in the grass on a summer’s day to cooling down with an ice cream, your white summer dress will soon become ruined. Instead, we recommend that you go for a bold print dress which is just as fashionable but more much durable. 

Don’t forget footwear!

As a mom, you can often find yourself wearing the same old pair of shoes over and over again, but with summer on the way, why not treat yourself to something new and fashionable? Having the right footwear is an essential part of creating the perfect outfit, so we recommend that you invest in the best quality.

For example, there is a wide range of different Gucci shoes available online at SSENSE which will be the perfect addition to your summer closet. From loafers to slipper style shoes and designer sandals, you will be spoilt for choice. Be sure to visit SSENSE, as it is the go-to place for luxury designer items. Check it out and see if one of these pairs catches your eye.

Sunglasses are your best friend

As a mom, having a pair of stylish sunglasses in your bag is a must-have, not only in the summer but all year round. Whether your little ones have had you up since the crack of dawn, or you didn’t get a chance to put any makeup on this morning, having a big pair of sunglasses to pop on your face hides all of this, and makes you look stylish for the hot weather!


By being prepared for the summer season ahead, you can be a busy mom and still look stylish!

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