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As summer is just around the corner, it is time to make some changes around the house to get us out of cold winter mode and into warm summer mode, so that your home is set up right to help you enjoy all of the things we love about the summertime in style and comfort.

So, what changes can you make around your home this year to maximise your enjoyment of the best season of the year? Read on to find out how.

Keep interiors cool with solar reflective blinds

During summertime the weather can get hot, like really hot. For most people, this means turning on a fan or an air conditioning unit, but did you know you can keep your home cool even during the hottest of days by just using a different sort of window shade?

By swapping out your standard window blinds for a set with a Solar Reflective backing, you can stop heat from coming into your home, as the reflective backing will reflect light and heat away from your windows. These are especially good when used in rooms with south facing windows which are exposed to the sunlight and heat throughout most of the day to prevent them from getting too warm.

Make the most of sunlight with mirrors

Summertime means that the days are long and we all get to see a lot of sunshine, which is excellent! More natural light helps our mental health, improves how good we look and feel, and overall is just an excellent part of summer, so you should try to maximise how much light your home gets.

By strategically placing a few mirrors in your home, you can drastically increase how much natural light is in your home and how it spreads around your spaces for even lighting. To help dark areas of your home to feel bright during the day, you can place mirrors by windows that are aimed at dark areas of your home to reflect the light into these darker areas. It’s a nifty little trick that really works.

Turn your garden into a second living room

During the summer you will want to spend as much time as possible outdoors so that you can enjoy and make the most of any good weather, pick up a tan and have some fun in the sun. But many people end up wasting away their summers sitting indoors.

Rather than staying stuck inside in your living room, you can create a second ‘living room’ in your garden by adding in some garden seating and a table. This will create a usable outside space where you can relax, eat food, and pretty much do anything you would do in your living room, but outside in the sun.

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