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Red Dress Boutique

 1 – White Maxi Dress / 2 – Statement Earrings / 3 – Clutch / 4 – Sandals / 5 – Moira Highlight and Couture Palette / 6 – Moira Matte Cream Lipstick / 7 – LA Girl Daydream Believer Eye Shadow Palette  / 8 – Duo Eyeliner  / 9 – Aura Glow Liquid Highlighter / 10 – Setting Spray

Your exams are coming to a close, your final days of school, sixth form or college are in sight and the biggest night of your young adult life is upon you; the anticipation of prom fills you with both excitement and dread- you’re so ready to have the night of your life, but what to wear? Perfect evenings (like perfect men) don’t just happen all on their own. We all know they take a little planning – and a drop dead gorgeous look – to make the evening sparkle. Check out our suggestions for acing your prom look and get ready to dance the night away in style.

The Dress

A memorable evening deserves an unforgettable entrance. Stop him in his not-even-close-to-worthy tracks with a floor-sweeping backless maxi dress guaranteed to make even the most macho of man blush.

Or keep things short and sweet in a mini or wrap dress sure to light up any dance floor. Whether lace or sheer, backless or wrap we want you wearing a dress that will not only elevate your beauty but make you feel like the goddess you are. Because when you look good, you feel good. And confidence is the best thing you can wear, hands down.

The Shoes

Ok, we know that any dancing queen worth her crown kicks off her heels when she means business. But that’s no excuse to wear just any old pair of shoes to the Ball (just ask Cinderella about those pesky ill-fitting glass slippers).

Don’t ground yourself to flats when planning that perfect formal look. Raise the bar on your footwear and strut your stuff with a pair of heels fit for royalty. We’re positive you’ll not only find that magical pair of shoes, but they’ll feel good on your feet too. And ladies, isn’t that the only happy ending we really need?

The Accessories

Not every princess-in-the-rough gets a fairy godmother to dress her for a big night of glitz and glamour. Nope, us every-day gals have to do for ourselves – and that means finding the right accessories to add a little sparkle to our look.

Add some elegance to your attire with a pair of shimmering statement earrings or give off that subtle but sultry vibe with a delicate layered necklace. Accessories aren’t just a bling thing either. Carry all of your must-haves in a fun and stylish clutch ready for any Instagram-worthy moment with Prince Charming.

The Outer Beauty Prep Step

We think you’re a natural beauty without all of the bells and whistles of make-up, but we also know that you’re not about to go to a formal event without at least a little bit of lip gloss on those beautiful lips.

Amplify your natural glow with the help of our highlighting palettes, eye shadows, and lipsticks to complete your glamorous look. Then stand back. Because with a prom style this good there are bound to be sparks.

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