Every year for one day we need to go all out to show our love for someone more than any other day, and nothing ever seems to be good enough, unless you book a dream holiday to the other end of the world because it happens to coincide with time off.


We need to stop and think about what we really want to achieve: Have a good time, maybe have some extra time with our loved ones and show them we care. So, let’s do just that, without breaking the bank or having to book round the world flights.


To spend quality time together, experience something together. Try something new, have a little outing, do something adrenaline filled if you are thrill-seekers. These experiences together help you bond, take you out of your every day and experience something new. Who better to try new things with than the one you love?

Choose anything you think you will both enjoy: it could be as simple as seeing a type of film you don’t usually watch or trying a new theatre, going for an unusual meal, trying a new sport for the day (how funny is it when you try something and you have no idea how to do it?) or even treat yourself to a spa day together?

Stop somewhere for a meal after to make a day of it. It doesn’t need to be anywhere fancy, just somewhere you can debrief together, happy to have made new memories together.

Make it meaningful

You want to show that you know the person and you want to focus on your history together, experiences you’ve had, where you have lived, and how far you have come.

So, you could plan a simple little meal or outing to a place that means something to you; it could be where you first met or spent a lot of time together, your favourite place that is just a little too far to go to on a normal day, or take them to a place that’s important to you and you’ve never shared. You could recreate your first or your favourite date.

A trip down memory lane could be as simple as looking at where you grew up, take a look at the houses and shops, see what has changed, and sharing a part of yourself they haven’t seen yet.

Stay home

Tuesday itself and the weekend before and after, restaurants will be pretty booked. So unless you want to be in a crowded place, why not stay in?

Yes, you read that right: Stay in. Actually, be at home, the home you have created for yourselves, and enjoy it. Whether you order in or buy nice food and cook together, prepare a beautiful day for yourselves (or evening if you’re working on the day itself): No chores, no to-do-lists, just enjoying being together, watching your favourite film, dimming the lights or preparing the bedroom with flowers and candles.

You can talk about life, start a bucket list, laugh, have fun, dance and enjoy your time together.

Make it a game

If you have a little time to plan, you can prepare a fun game for them to play where you are the game master. You can choose your favourite game or pick a famous television game for inspiration and make it your own. If you both like trivia, you could prep a game or even a version of ‘Who Wants To Be a Millionaire’. You could plan a ‘Deal or No Deal’ with fun little activities to do together (the good thing is you can do them soon, but on a less busy weekend).

Or you could plan a scavenger hunt around the house, the neighbourhood or the town with a personalised little prize at the end. If you do this, you could even start a few days before, dropping clues here and there (working around working hours and other commitments) with the big finish coming on the 14th.

Again, you want to spend quality time together, have fun and reminisce on what you have gone through, built and lived together.

Get away for one night

Don’t look for a fancy hotel somewhere, but instead check for a little AirBnb or B&B not too far away (if you have work in the morning). You could try an unusual B&B in a treehouse or similar as well.

Just get out of your routine, avoid coming home to your plans and stress and untouched work. Find a place where you can go for a walk in the evening, a little pub dinner, have a wine with your film as you lie down in the comfy bed prepared for you, and wake up in the morning to breakfast in bed without having to rely on one or the other of you to do it.

Some people can completely disconnect while at home, others need to get out, even if it’s not far. If you live in the city, just head to the country for the night to recharge your batteries together and leave your normal life behind for a few hours or for the day and reconnect.

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