Routine sucks, right? Wrong. Like everything else in life, our relationships need nurturing, care, attention, and a little bit of a routine.

It can be easy for those little gestures such as hand holding, holding doors open, even the kiss goodnight to slip. Especially when other demands take over. But it’s those gestures, as well as some quality time together, that help to keep the relationship strong.

If you feel like your relationship has become a little dry, or could simply do with a little refreshing, we share 7 ways you can inject a little spice in to your life.

Make time to date

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If you’re living together, you already watch movies together and eat together daily but this is unlikely to be regarded as ‘quality time’. It makes a huge difference to your relationship to regularly go out for some real quality time, where neither of you needs to cook and so you are away from the strains and stresses of everyday life.

If you can, aim to go on a date once a week. But if this seems challenging aim to get out at least once a month and plan ahead with a babysitter. You can still ensure that every week, once a week, you set a night aside to do something together around the house. Such as, getting a takeaway M&S meal and enjoying it over a glass of wine, watching a movie but shutting out your phones/laptops/tablets to avoid distraction. Maybe you just turn the TV off altogether and play a board game or cards.

Plan a getaway

Couple travel

Following on from the above and the importance of quality time together outside of the house, a getaway is the perfect opportunity to reconnect. The new surroundings are sure to be revitalizing, and participating in an activity like a cookery class or spa session is sure to bring you both a little closer together.

Role play

It isn’t something for everyone, but a very easy way to spice up your relationship is a little role play action. Plan ahead your separate roles and an agreed meeting place and agenda. You may even find the planning aspect just as exciting. Always meet outside of your home to allow you to fully embrace the role and give that feeling of excitement and anticipation, just like it was on your first date.

Take time for you

It’s important that you both have your own interests and social groups. It gives you conversational pieces, allows you to indulge in your different interests and hobbies, gives you time away from each other and sometimes just missing your other half can have a wonderous effect on the relationship. It’s also empowering and incredibly sexy to know that your significant other has this sense of independence away from you.

Find a mutual interest

Couple Dancing

When you’ve been together a long time, it can be difficult to find new things to explore about each other and/or do together, but I am sure there are still plenty of things left for you to discover. Sharing a hobby, like having separate social groups, is really important for a healthy relationship. Try out a few different groups and activities, even ones that are seemingly of no interest to you until you find something you’re both passionate about. It’s also a chance to meet like-minded friends and groups that can really help to evolve your relationship.

Share your secrets and fears

It helps to solidify a bond with your partner because you’re open and honest enough to share your secrets and fears with them which will ultimately bring you closer together.

If you’ve a secret fantasy, consider sharing this with your significant other who may be willing to help you to act it out.

Get affectionate

Couple hand holding

Don’t forget the simple gestures. Always ensure you kiss each other goodnight and good morning, make time for hugs, always hold hands in public, share in bathing routines by inviting them into the shower or bath with you, and always snuggle up for a movie.

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