We need fresh air and Vitamin D to be healthy and that means: getting outdoors!

It’s incredible what fresh air can do for our physical and mental health, how it can alleviate the headaches we get from all our screen time and how much it generally improves our overall wellbeing.

The only problem is, it feels there is never time to be outside – most of us tend to work during the day and have little time to spend outdoors.

Getting enough daylight however is important, so make an effort to do everything you can outside. We will give you some tips and ideas below, but if it doesn’t seem achievable to you, just look at parents of young children who get outside every day or some pre-schools that (albeit spring to autumn only) make recess outdoor only. And yes, children don’t have the same responsibilities, but what we need to take from this is that sometimes all it takes is the right set-up, priorities, clothing and be willing to adapt.

Walk with a purpose

Some of the simple things you may be able to change, especially during the warmer months, is walking to work or to the shop, if not every day than some days, making sure you get a short walk in every day.

Dine al fresco

You can also take your meals outside. A breakfast on the terrace, in the garden, or even in front of a wide-open widow will change your mood immediately. Granted, you may need to wear a coat, but that shouldn’t keep you from enjoying a meal al fresco. Especially at lunch, during your work day, take the time to go outside. Take. Your. Lunch. Break. It may feel wrong, but you will actually be a lot more focused and productive and avoid the afternoon slump if you clear your head outside for even twenty to thirty minutes. It may not be scenic, but find a spot to have lunch where you can also get fresh air.

Work outside

If you work from home, find a way to set up your desk outside. There are panels that darken the surroundings of your laptop so you avoid the glare – and if you will be working outdoors at least one day a week, they are worth the small investment.

Whenever you are home, ask yourself the question: Could I do this outside or with fresh air? Would it take me much time and effort to move this outside? Reading – of course you can! But there is so much more. Think of the times organising, making lists, even your social media scroll during your downtime.

But there’s more: If you just have a good table and chair outside, you can even move housework outside. Unless it’s very windy, laundry can be sorted and folded (oh and dried of course if you have the space and can save electricity) outside, but you can also do a lot of meal prepping outside. Just bring your veg, a chopping board and knife and a few bowls outside and start prepping.

Finally, you can think of some small activities that get you out every day, be it gardening a few minutes a day just to have fresh herbs, or do your warm-up before going to the gym outside, or even exercising outside. Any of the habits you have already formed by summer will be easier to keep and stick to when it gets warmer so it’s better to start early!

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