It seems that there is a gadget for everything nowadays and not just a single option, but multiple that are each faster, simpler and a cheaper way of doing things. However, it seems that some of these gadgets are taking some of the fun – and flavour, out of cooking, baking and generally just preparing a meal. Sure, we could all do with a helping hand here and there but have we gone to excess? We think so!

How many appliances or kitchen tools are shoved to the back of the cupboard or draw and when was the last time you had a need to get them out? Let’s free up space, save money and get the most out of your utensils and cookware we actually have a use and need for.


We all probably have at least 5 utensils we never use so why keep them? What’s essential is different to everyone, however, a spoon, tongs, masher, slotted spoon or ladle, grater, peeler, spatula and whisk – aside your knives, are generally seen as the core utensils that’ll help you prepare most (if not all) dishes. Aside that, consider what else you actually use and whether you need to keep it.

Note on materials: Keep it simple! Wood is a better, superior material when it comes to cooking. Firstly, it is natural, meaning at the end of its life it can actually be recycled and most are biodegradable. Secondly, it can tolerate heat better than the plastic and metal counterparts and, thirdly, they won’t scratch up your pots and pans.

Wasted gadgets

Ice cream and bread makers, electric egg cookers, popcorn maker, jar openers, electric can openers, pasta measurer, toasty maker- any kind of sandwich or panini press, omelette or pancake maker, yolk separator and tuna press, as well as, controversially, an egg peeler, garlic press, and anything-slicer, is just a massive waste of money. Generally, you already have the tools and techniques to do most of these things without the need of a costly gadget, even if it is just a few pounds. Unless you genuinely make your bread or ice cream once a week, it’s time to rid your cupboards of this commercial junk.

Whilst you’re on a clear out…

How many cups, mugs and glasses do you have? Do you really need them all? It’s time to give those a clear out too and free yourself some extra space.

Check your Tupperware drawer, do you have lids to go with the bases? If not, is it really going to be of much use to you (though you could always use it as a means to separate and store your fruit and vegetables in the fridge or freezer).

Say goodbye to plastic generally! Avoid buying cling film and instead use tinfoil (which can be recycled), beeswax wraps or using glass-based Tupperware instead. 

If it still feels overcrowded

Do you have decorative wallpaper or paint in your kitchen? This can make the space feel even smaller. Consider a simple and quick refresh to a neutral and light colour that will help to create more light and feel like there is even more space in the room.

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