If you want to sell your house for the maximum amount possible, you’ll want to be sure that your property is in good shape. While you don’t necessarily need to make costly renovations to your home, the value can be increased by making a few minor changes before putting it on the market.

These changes can include addressing any current issues or enhancing the aesthetics of the place. The sturdier and more welcoming your house looks, the more profiting it will be.

Here are some of the renovations that can boost your property’s value.


Brighten up your deck

If your house has a deck, it is the ideal time to focus on upgrading it. Prospective buyers will be keen on having a deck since it can be a great space for holding barbecues and family dinners or be a cozy corner for the couple to enjoy their chilly evenings.

To brighten up the place, you can add low voltage lighting to ensure visibility and set the mood for those warm evenings. If any issues such as rotten wood or in-depth cleaning are required, it is best to get to it so the deck is presentable and gives off a homey vibe.

You can also add furniture such as a folding sun lounger, an ideal piece for getting that tan and vitamin D!

Backyard renovations

While adding a swimming pool or a fire pit to your backyard can be a costly decision, it might be one that will add the most value to your property.

However, if you are skeptical about doing so, you can always upgrade the backyard by gardening. Getting fresh grass installed and adding new flower pots can liven up the place and provide a nature-filled haven.


Focus on kitchen remodeling

The kitchen is the most used place. From starting the day with breakfast to ending with dinner, it is the place where families regroup to talk about their day and spend quality time together. Hence, remodeling the area to fit a newer aesthetic or give a homier feel can add significant value to your property.

Minor remodels such as enhancing the lighting, changing the backsplash, or changing tiles can make a massive difference in how your kitchen is perceived. With solid colors being more in trend, you can include white, gray, or black aesthetics that are easier to maintain and upkeep.

You can also look to change your kitchen furniture, such as the island chairs and dining table, or add more decorative pieces to the space such as framed photos or artwork.

A fresh coat of paint

The easiest yet fastest way to transform your house is by adding a fresh layer of paint. You can look to add only one coat of the same color, which will cost you under fifty dollars. Or you can even change the color of the paint in bedrooms or common spaces to enhance their appeal.

A trendy look to try would be a wall with dull colors with vibrant colors added through furniture, or perhaps even abstract art.

Replace entry doors

You do not have to invest in changing every door in the house but replacing the entry door, and the garage door can add security to your home, which will enhance your property value.

Look for sturdier options that fit the aesthetic that you are going for in your house but give an added sense of safety.

This piece was created in collaboration with ESBO Ltd. for which we received payment.

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