You may find you hair uncontrollable if you do not wash it every day, but it is better for hair health if you don’t. Doing so removes the natural oils that keep it healthy and can lead to frequent breakages and dull, dry hair.

Changing habits is never easy and you may find that it will be more difficult to work with initially, but it will be better overall for it. If your concern is with greasy hair, we’ve an answer for that too- the second day blow-dry. With the second day blow-dry we’ll show you how to eliminate a greasy scalp, freshen hair for another day, and help you achieve your desired style.

Tackling excess oil

Firstly you need to tackle any excessive oil in your scalp and roots. You can do this by using a little bit of baby powder or preferably, dry shampoo.

Start by spritzing the product into your parting and then gently, lightly, massage the product in to allow it to hold on to any excess oil. After your parting, lift large sections of the hair and follow this process again. Massaging the product in to your scalp/roots is essential as it activates the product. You don’t need to cover your entire scalp but at least half a head should do the trick.

Second Day Blow-dry

This step will also give you a base to help create more volume.

Prepare your hair to style

Spritz styling spray through the middle and ends of your hair (spritz, don’t drench). This step acts as a base, like using dry shampoo, to help us create a lasting style and mimic freshly washed hair.

Do not do this bit in sections or your hair will be unmanageable. This step is about holding style, creating volume and hold.

Blow-dry and set your hair

Using a warm setting on your dryer, grab a ceramic, barrel brush and use it to lift the roots to create more volume and life. Just like you would after washing.

See our blow-dry guide for tips on a salon quality blow-dry at home.

If you feel like you need more lift/volume through the roots, lift sections of your hair around your parting and use thermal rollers to sit as close to the root as possible. You don’t need to roll the hair up into the roller but simply place the roller and it’ll stay in place. Blast with a heat setting on the dryer for a few minutes to allow it to take hold.

Hair Rolling Tips

The combination of dry shampoo, styling spray, and the ceramic brush will give your hair a texture that’ll hold your style. When you’ve finished blow-drying your hair, blast your do with the cold setting on the hair drier to set.

Use your favourite hairspray for extra hold or style your hair however you desire.

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