Every era has a home trend that automatically dates it – from shag carpets and wallpaper borders, to beaded curtains and popcorn ceilings. Over the past few years, at least in part thanks to Mrs Hinch and other Insta home accounts, it’s all been about grey. Every wall, carpet and sofa has been grey, with crushed velvet, mirrored drawers and the odd diamante too. But it’s time to say goodbye to grey, and hello to colour.

Live in technicolour

You can add pops of colour with accessories

If you look at someone’s social media, and you can’t quite tell if they’ve put a black and white filter on it, it’s a sign that there is too much grey in that house! Sure, light colours make a room look brighter, but there are also LED light bulbs for that and you can still have some colour in your home too. Some people don’t like bright clashing colours or funky patterns, and that’s okay too, but adding just a little touch of colour can make a huge difference to the interior aesthetics. If you’re reluctant to paint the walls a bold colour (or any colour at all!), you can add a lot of life into a room by just switching up the accessories – for example, adding colour with your cushion covers, curtains, throws, rugs and ornaments can all make your living room look warmer than if you stick to grey.

Children are messy

There’s no denying it: children are messy. A light grey home might not be the most practical colour if you have children at home, as it will show every spilt blackcurrant, every crisp-powder-covered handprint, and every sticky chocolate fingerprint. It’s important to remember that children are only young for a very short amount of time. You could spend that time constantly cleaning up the little marks they leave on your crushed velvet sofa, or you could use it making memories. That doesn’t mean you have to live in a tip, but there is a middle ground: if you understand that there is going to be some mess and choose your furniture for durability rather than grey-ness, you will find yourself a whole lot less stressed.

Show off your personality

Your home should be a reflection of yourself. That means filling it with decor and accessories that make your heart and soul happy. Whether that’s quirky handmade items from local craft fairs, a variety of ornaments with bees on, or just simply something light and airy without looking like it’s stuck in greyscale, there is too much pressure for us all to have identical houses, all looking the same.

So, if grey is for you, that’s okay, but don’t feel as though you can’t add a pop of colour, or a touch of your personality too. And if your home isn’t 100% grey, and you don’t feel like you fit in – that’s cool too. Your home is for you and your family, not strangers online to judge.

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