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Let’s face it, periods are a bit rubbish.  There’s nothing worse than your period making an early visit, or your period pad moving in the night and waking up with blood all over the sheets, or have your tampon overflowing.  Save My Knickers is here to empower you to confidently wear your favourite knickers every day, relax in those best pjs and snuggle up in those crisp, fresh bedsheets; safe in the knowledge that when those inevitable blood stains happen, Save My Knickers is here to help you. I’m Lucy Self, creator of Save My Knickers, a multi-award-winning blood stain remover, and here are 9 brilliant reasons you need this mighty stain remover in your life!

1. It actually works!

No more relying on old wives’ tales that don’t work, generic stain removers that don’t make a difference, no more scrubbing and praying, or just throwing those knickers away.  Save My Knickers is the blood stain remover that actually works!  Designed with blood stains in mind, it is the first blood stain remover that successful removes blood stains time and time again.

2. You can wear your favourite knickers every day of the month

Oh, hello favourite knickers!  You cannot beat that feeling your favourite knickers gives you; that warm, confident, glow from the inside out.  But most of us keep those favourite knickers tucked away in our underwear drawer for “special occasions” and opt instead for those sad, old, previously stained “just in case pants” that we keep for when our period makes an appearance.

3. You will save money

With the cost-of-living crisis, everyone is feeling the pinch.  Save My Knickers will help save you money by having more of what you love, not less (hello favourite knickers, best pjs and snuggly bed sheets).  One tube of Save My Knickers will rescue around 20 pairs of stained undies from the bin for just £14.99.  But to buy 20 new pairs of new knickers from the leading knickers supplier in the UK costs over £150!  Then think about how much it would be to replace those pyjamas, jeans and bedsheets too.  Both your bank balance and your wardrobe will thank you for having Save My Knickers in your house!

4. It’s great for pjs, bed sheets, towels etc. too

This incredible product isn’t just for knickers; it works brilliantly on pyjamas, clothing, bedsheets, towels, anything you happen to get blood on really!  It can be used on all colours and types of fabrics too*.

5. It’s really easy and quick to use.

It’s super easy and quick to use and adds no more than 60 seconds to your normal laundry routine.  All you need to do is apply the magic stain removing powder, leave them to soak overnight in cold water, then add to your washing as normal.  Then ta-da! Marvel at how your knickers have been saved.  You can see Save My Knickers in action here…

6. You can reduce your waste

Every year the UK produces over 200,000 tonnes of textile waste, which is around 3kg per person!  Save My Knickers is here to help reduce the amount of textile waste you produce by removing those blood stains and keeping your undies newer for longer.  Now you can wear your favourite knickers every day and reduce your impact on the planet?!  What’s not to love?!

7. It’s perfume, plastic and cruelty free

Most generic household stain removers are packaged in plastic, but Save My Knickers is beautifully packaged in a recyclable cardboard tube and is proud to be plastic, perfume and cruelty free as well as vegan. 

8. Not just period blood

This award-winning blood stain remover isn’t just for period blood, we’ve had customers use it for nose bleeds, cuts, post-partum bleeding and after surgery.  You can see more of what our happy Save My Knickers users think on the shop.

9. You’re helping to smash taboos

Save My Knickers is also helping open up the conversation about periods and women’s health. Get your tube of Save My Knickers today and by joining the knicker saving revolution you’ll be part of the positive change too.

*best used on colour safe fabric, always do a test if you’re not sure.

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