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We love any excuse for a party but celebrating the nuptials of a British monarch is a must! Especially when it’s the wedding of a royal party animal we’re all in love with.

If you’re looking to celebrate or commiserate the wedding of Prince Harry to Meghan Markle we’ve just the ticket; be inspired by our royal inspired party ideas:

Garden Party

Dinner party

A garden party is a very royal affair with the queen herself hosting such an event annually within the grounds of Buckingham Palace. Although you may not have this most luxurious of settings for your soiree, you can certainly pull of quite the occasion.


Bunting, floral arrangements, white linen tablecloths, festoon lighting will all serve the purpose of giving the most decedent of feels to your celebrations. If you’re looking to create sections within the garden, we’d recommend using organza draperies to create the illusion of segments. Of course, at any such function fit for a queen, there should be a covered seating area; a small gazebo in white linen would be appropriate.


A game of croquet is perfect for such a theme as would games of draughts or chess. For a little fun, you could also hold ‘fabulous hat’ competition where guests are judged on their attire- you could have most eccentric, best hand-made or generally, most fabulous. Additionally, you could hold a royal themed quiz where you could test your guests on their knowledge of the royal family.

Food & Drink:

Are you and your friends/family partial to a glass of prosecco? A ‘champagne’ tower to welcome guests would be an attractive display and only add to the decoration of your event. You could simply serve canapés such as blinis, terrine/pate, truffles, vol-au-vent, cheese straws etc. or could follow the food & drink guide to our royal tea party ideas below.

Royal Tea Party

Afternoon tea

We simply wouldn’t be Brits if we didn’t indulge in an afternoon tea. You could follow much of the theme above to pull off an outstanding afternoon tea of the royal variety but be sure to add in the following details:


Linen tablecloths, fabric napkins with holders, bone china plates, tea pot, cups and saucers and a 3 tiered cake stand to serve your food on.

You’ll need a plate for your sandwiches and a plate for cakes as well as a cup and saucer and a fork, knife and teaspoon too for each guest.

A centre floral arrangement would pull the table together but ensure they’re unscented otherwise it may be off-putting and spoil the occasion.


The tea is an activity in itself; much of the occasion you’re sat around a table eating frequently until all are quite full. Afterwards a board game will help to keep you entertained with little movement required; ideal if you’re not entertaining many.

Food & Drink:

Traditionally at an afternoon tea you serve finger sandwiches such as: cucumber and cream cheese, beef and horseradish cream, egg mayonnaise with cress, ham and mustard, cheese and tomato; whatever takes your fancy. You’ll also want a slice of cake (we’d recommend a classic Victoria sponge) per guest as a minimum and a scone with clotted cream and jam. As for the tea, only the REAL stuff will do; loose tea is a must! To be served in a china teapot- don’t forget to have the strainer on hand.

Dine like a royal too- be sure to cut the crusts off the bread and when it comes to drinking; if sitting hold the china cup in your right hand with your thumb and forefinger, if standing be sure to have the middle finger on hand to hold the cup from underneath.

Best of Brits

Union Jack

Party Prince Harry style and host a best of Brits event. The bigger you go with this the better!


Let the Union Jack be your guide! Everything should be themed red, white and blue, not forgetting the flags themselves too. Create pop up buses, phone boxes, letter boxes, taxi cabs, create a big ben; everything that idolises Britain should be at your party.

Music is an easy one for this, play music from some of Britain’s most iconic musicians and artists; Beatles, Spice Girls, Oasis, Robbie Williams, Rolling Stones, David Bowie, Adele, Queen (of course!) etc.


You could coordinate a game of football or cricket, play British Bulldog (properly policed!), organise a game of killer blink, encourage your guests to come in fancy dress as some iconic British figure and/or organise a best of British trivia quiz.

As an add-on why not have one of your guests be ‘Queen for a day’ and follow some of the traditions you must keep when in the presence of her royal highness. For example: when she stands you must stand! Curtsy or bow when making their acquaintance etc.

Featured image by Mark Jones

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