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A new start. A new beginning far from her New York life. That’s what Gillian needs.

A place where no one knows her. Well, some people do, but no one cares about what happened.

After quitting her job as a publicist because of an implosion of her career, Gillian moves back into her old boarding school where she has been asked to be a dorm mother.

As a teenager, Gillian was the scholarship student at Glen Ellen Academy, and had her fair bit of drama with her friend, and Adam. Now she left her firm and the celebrity clients she wished for as a teenager and is given an unexpected second chance. (Highly unexpected as she has no experience and it is just handed to her, but let’s out our disbelief aside for a moment.)

Room and Board Review

She becomes a dorm mother, builds relationships with the quirky, elitist students in her care, gets a second chance with her old flame Adam, now a father at Glen Ellen Academy, and as it happens, this is the year the school has to navigate a number of big PR emergencies; both positive and negative. How handy that they recently hired an ex-publicist so she can shine and really take her place at the school!

I admit, it isn’t quite believable and Gillian certainly doesn’t take her job quite seriously enough, but surprisingly, I didn’t mind. We don’t always need reality; we need a feel-good moment. A book that you can read in a sitting or two, that will warm your heart without being too mushy (there is some school drama after all), and just lets us enjoy the activity of reading.

Room and Board does just that: It lets you read and relish it, feel like sometimes things work out, and has some sweet, some unconventional characters to entertain you. Enjoy!

Room and Board by Miriam Parker was published on the 16 August 2022 by Dutton: ISBN 1524744506, ISBN13: 978-1524744502

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