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Do you ever find yourself gazing at the ocean, wishing you could dance with its waves? Just imagine the sensation – saltwater spraying your face, the rhythmic hum of the sea beneath you, and the euphoria of gliding over azure waters. For those itching to carve up the surf, here’s the good news: it’s never too late to start. Let’s embark on a journey to harness the power of the sea.

Image credit: Jeremy Bishop, Unsplash

1. Why surf?

It’s not just the thrill; it’s the entire package! Surfing is more than just a sport. It’s a rhythm, a heartbeat, a full-body song. Your core strengthens, legs define, and arms tone – all while your soul gets a delightful dose of joy. The cherry on top? The camaraderie with fellow wave chasers, swapping tales of sea adventures  as the sun sets.

2. Kitting up

Dressing the part isn’t just for the Oscars! In the world of surfing, your gear is your red carpet ensemble. And trust us, the ocean notices. Your board? Think of it as your dance partner guiding you through the watery waltz. As for the wetsuit, it’s not just about warmth (though British waters do enjoy their occasional cold shoulder). When you conquer those waves, it’s about fluidity, movement, and sleek look. Don’t forget the little extras:

  • The leash (your board’s lifeline).
  • The wax (for that grip we all need in life).
  • Sunscreen (because who doesn’t love a healthy glow?).

3. Finding your surf spot

With its rugged coastlines and hidden coves, Britain is like a treasure map for surf enthusiasts. From the iconic waves of Cornwall to the hidden gems up North, each beach promises a unique surf experience day. Dive deep into your research, scout prime locations, and always tip your hat to the local surf culture when you arrive. Remember, every wave has its rhythm, and each beach narrates a captivating story of its own.

Finding a surf spot
Image credit: Sacha Verheij, Unsplash

4. Popping up

It’s the moment of alchemy! Transforming from a laid-back lounger to a stand-up surfer in a heartbeat. The pop-up is where dreams turn into reality. It’s not just about strength but finesse. Grace. Timing. Practice it on the beach, in your living room, or dream about it. The goal? Make it as fluid as a dance move at a summer festival.

5. Safety first

The ocean, while undeniably mesmerising, commands respect. Those waves? They’re not just pretty sights; they’re powerful forces of nature. So, arm yourself with knowledge. Understand the tides, get to know the local wave quirks, and always watch for weather updates. It’s like crossing the road; it’s all about being aware and making smart choices.

6. Join a surf school

Never too proud to learn, are we? There’s a certain magic in being a beginner. The wide-eyed wonder, the laughs when you tumble, and the thrill of the first successful ride. Enrolling in a surf school fast-tracks this journey. Think of it as a backstage pass to the world of surfing. Expert tips, safety hacks, and with the added insight from WonderDays, just maybe, some insider gossip on the best secret surf spots!

7. The surfing community

Ah, the heart and soul of surfing! This isn’t just a sport; it’s a community. A family bound not by blood but by saltwater and shared stoke. From the knowing nod to a fellow surfer at dawn to post-surf banter over a steaming cuppa, these connections enrich the experience. They say home is where the heart is; for surfers, home is where the waves and community are.

8. Embrace the zen of surfing

Contrary to the adrenaline-pumping imagery often accompanying surfing, there’s a more tranquil side. Sitting on your board, observing the vastness of the horizon and the gentle ebb and flow beneath, can be profoundly meditative. It’s a moment to reflect, breathe, and be present. Many surfers often find that their most cherished memories aren’t just the thrill of the ride but these serene moments amidst the ocean’s embrace.

Embrace the zen of surfing
Image credit: Nataliya Vaitkevich, Pexels

9. Stay eco-conscious

The ocean offers us waves, beauty, and an unparalleled thrill. In return, it asks for respect. Ensure you use eco-friendly surf products – from biodegradable waxes to sustainable surfwear. Join beach clean-ups, advocate for marine conservation, and educate fellow surfers on protecting our oceans. After all, a cleaner sea means cleaner waves and a brighter future for marine life.

10. Continuous learning

The ocean is a vast teacher, with every wave having a lesson. As you progress, consider learning advanced techniques. Dive into meteorology to understand wave forecasting better, or explore different board types to diversify your surfing style. Remember, every seasoned surfer was once a beginner, and their journey was marked not by their prowess but by their insatiable thirst to learn and adapt.

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