It has been around 15 months since we have lived our normal lives. In the past 15 months, most of us have had more time at home, less time out with friends, no commute, a different work environment, and more time to rethink if what we are currently doing is really what we want to do.

Think Big Book Review

While sadly a lot of businesses have had to shut, others have taken this time to finally work on their business idea they’ve never had the time to elaborate. It has been a time of big changes and so Think Big seemed an appropriate book to read as we are slowly easing into the next stage of this pandemic, and of our lives.

Think Big is exactly that, a handbook to think about your big idea, our big plan, and a workbook to achieve it.

Dr Grace Lordan is a professor of behavioural science at the London School of Economics and in her book she uses insights from behavioural science to help you shape your big (professional) goal and take the right steps to achieve it.

So if you have a professional change in mind, be it moving up in your job or changing directions completely, this is for you. We suggest buying a physical copy of the book over an e-version as it is an interactive workbook and to take full advantage of it you will need to take notes in the sections provided to really work along as you read.

Note that if you don’t have a goal in mind, it may be a little abstract, though you can still learn some interesting things about common behaviours and about yourself.

It is a very practical book full of interesting ideas and has a great step-by-step methodology which also makes you go back on your earlier notes and re-assess them as you learn more.

Its focus on behavioural science is a little heavy at times and isn’t always needed in that much detail. It could have been edited to focus on the parts we need to understand the concepts, rather than be a semester in the subject.

However, the strength of the book is the way it slowly develops not only the Big Idea but each step needed to achieve it, be it identifying exact skills to master or finding ways to get inspiration and support or create a network. 

Think Big by Dr Grace Lordan was published on the 25th March 2021 by Penguin Life, IBSN: 9780241420164. Please note, that this is an affiliate link and we may make a small commission on purchases through them.

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