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Even if you aren’t from the States, you have heard about Martha’s Vineyard or seen it on TV – it is the dreamy island for the summer escape or a place to wrap up warm for a winter beach walk.
The endless beaches, life around the harbours and the quieter life seem perfect, so no wonder author Dianne Braley fell in love with the place and based her novel there.

Her yearly trips inspired her to write, and now her character, Georgette (yes, George for short, but she doesn’t like it), comes back to Martha’s Vineyard trying to revive the childhood memory of a trip there with her father, who as an alcoholic, has caused some tough times for Georgette and the family.

Now nurse Georgette is an adult, independent from her mother and father, and heading back to the island not just for a summer trip, but to live. She wants to start a fresh and leave the past behind (which is not as easy as it seems) and becomes a private nurse for an award-winning novelist.

Along with the novelist, one of her new acquaintances is Dock, who is interesting to her and part of her new life… until she gets to know the more mysterious part of his past and it actually makes her face her own.

Forgiving is a long and difficult journey, but it’s a moving story to start the year with as it will challenge us all to look at our past, our relationships and memories and how to forgive the people who have harmed or hurt us in the past.

Dotted with descriptions of local life on the island, Georgette’s story develops and we discover the beautiful relationship between her and the author whose book helps her, while she helps him coming to terms with the last chapter of his life.

The Silence in the Sound was published 23rd August 2022 by Koehler Books. IBSN: 9781646637720

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