Meet Liz Kroft, 29, strong, independent woman, cat mother of Muesli and with a good job. All is well – except for the secrets she is hiding. She is longing for time away, alone, hiking the John Muir Trail; three weeks all to herself, to think.
As independent as she wants to be, there is still Dante, her boyfriend, who suddenly decides to join her on her trek. This was not what she had in mind!
And this book was certainly not what I expected! The Middle of Somewhere is about Liz and Dante hiking the John Muir Trail and along the way, they meet some of the other hikers: Brensen, an actor preparing for his next role, the odd Roots brothers, and Linda and Paul, the power-couple who actually seem to have life figured out. But the further they hike the more it becomes an opportunity for lonely Liz to make peace with her past, even if that means having to open up to Dante.

By the last page, I felt I had hiked the trail! The read mirrors the John Muir Trail: All the way up, a beautiful view and high spirits at the top; then, a steep decline, no choice but to face it, and only when you have hit the lowest point, can you work your way up again. Liz’ journey is incredible. Having read House Broken, I thought I knew what to expect, but, just like in her debut novel, Sonja Yoerg has more than one surprise in store for her characters.
There may be very emotional moments and I may have needed tissues at the end… but no spoilers! You will need to wait until the 1st of September!

So thank you Sonja, for letting me read it early, I probably wouldn’t have been able to stand the wait!

The Middle of Somewhere, by Sonja Yoerg
1 September 2015
ISBN 0451472144
ISBN13 9780451472144

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