It has been six weeks since the Gilmore Girls Revival aired (which means we all had time to watch it at least six times) – but what now? There are rumours about another season. In fact, in Imdb it has been named as “Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life – Season 1” but who knows how realistic this is? And how long would it take? There has to be another way to get a Gilmore Girls fix, and there is.

It is called Talking As Fast As I Can; From Gilmore Girls to Gilmore Girls And Everything In Between”, courtesy of Lauren Graham.

“Life doesn’t often spell things out for you or give you what you want exactly when you want it, otherwise it wouldn’t be called life, it would be called vending machine.”

So here it is: your extra dose of Gilmore Girls!

First of all, this may be the first time I suggest to get the audiobook over the book (and ideally both). Lauren Graham read the audio version herself, which for an autobiography adds another interesting layer to content. Or it removes the possibility of misinterpretation, but we want to be positive this year, so it is adding.

Lauren Graham and Lorelai Gilmore blend together in this. Yes, actors and their characters are very different, I know Tobey Maguire is not actually a superhero, but here the two seemed to have morphed into one. After so many years of playing her, it makes sense that Lorelai has rubbed off on Lauren. Or maybe we were seeing a lot of Lauren in the show all along? I will let you find out for yourself.

“I still find that, in general, having a plan is, well, a good plan. But when my carefully laid plan laughed at me, rather than clutch at it too tightly I just made a new one, even if it was one that didn’t immediately make sense. In blindly trying a different path, I accidentally found one that worked better. So don’t let your plan have the last laugh, but laugh last when your plan laughs, an when your plan has the last laugh, laugh back, laughing!”

Try repeating this three times at Gilmore Girls speed (It’s about as hard as Logan’s motivation to Rory at the Life and Death Brigade event “people can live a hundred years without living for a minute. Try it, or take my word for it.)

The book goes at incredible pace; the sentences are quick and witty, and it could be a Lorelai monologue. Of course, it is about Gilmore Girls, the original and the revival, the anecdotes, the fun facts we couldn’t find on twitter because it didn’t exist at the time of the show. So we get some behind the scenes ten years later.

And the “everything in between” from the title? Graham talks about everything from getting acting jobs to friends, family, and other roles she has played. There is Parenthood, and there is Peter Krause, and Mae Whitman and Miles Heizer, her children in Parenthood.

She talks about opportunities, in acting and in life, and while I laughed (a lot!) and cried (mainly with mentions of Edward Herrmann), and learnt a lot about her life and career, I was mainly entertained. There was not a moment I wanted to fast forward. “Because who wants to Fast Forward anyway? You might miss some of the good parts.”

The final part is the diary she kept during the shoot of A Year In The Life – the moment you have all been waiting for, Ladies and Gentlemen! … And I won’t ruin it for you. Let’s just say you will tear up, and you will understand some things better (such as the order of the episodes, Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall!) and appreciate all the little appearances of actors even more, once you have a little back story.

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