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Hooked we were! Whether you are a Broadway fan and have been following her for a long time or whether you know her from Younger or have seen her performance in Anything Goes in London a few weeks ago, you are likely to have heard from Sutton Foster by now.

Sutton Foster Hooked

What you may not have seen or known about the dazzling woman singing and dancing in pretty costumes is in this book: from the early days and difficulties of show biz to her agoraphobic mother, heartbreak and the obstacles on her way to creating a family – it is all in between the pages; along with the crafty projects that got her through them.

What matters in life, says Foster, is to have a hobby to get you through. Just how much of a lifesaver it is becomes clear early on in her career and in her book: As a teenager in a touring theatre group, a craft project helped her through the difficult social situations of rivalries and cliques on the road. Crafting was her safety place, and a way to feel connected to her mother, who had cross-stitched when Sutton was younger.

While crochet is currently her go-to, over the years she has used a number of crafts as outlet, starting with cross-stich, but also painting and mixed media.

Whatever your craft of choice is, looking at Sutton Foster´s book she seems to be right: Crafting can save your life. It´s a way of pouring your emotions into something and processing, following a pattern or letting your creativity run wild. Some projects you will finish, others you won´t. But the process of creating and getting a result is what makes crafting so important.

Our Hooked by Sutton Foster was published 12th October 2021 by Grand Central Publishing. IBSN: 1538734281

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