Before I say anything, here are the last couple of weeks in pictures:

As a writer I hate to admit it, but pictures can say a thousand words, and this is one of these instances.

Because in just a couple of weeks, I have had to make quite a few of the recipes (though not all my pictures turned out great and one was eaten before I could take a picture – true story).

Usually, I follow recipes to a T the first time, but in this case I adapted a little because it is summer and I made the most of what I had in the garden. This is also why I haven’t done many with squash yet, because it’s a little early for autumn, but if you are interested, comment below and I will share some pictures once the squash has grown big enough to harvest.

So what makes these recipes so great? There is a good mix of simple but impressive recipes and more elaborate ones (I was a creamed corn virgin until last week).

But apart from being fruit and vegetable based, which makes them both healthy and vegetarian friendly, they are brilliant for dinner parties, summer barbecues, or any other occasion you may want a beautiful serving suggestion.

I started with the cold stuffed peppers on my first day of holiday and quickly whipped them up before heading to a family barbecue, and everyone was impressed.

But I have also made the effort for myself and it follows something I believe in, but don’t often follow myself: It is worth taking the time to make yourself beautiful food. Make the effort so you appreciate it more. It makes you feel great having beautiful food to serve.

And if you are looking for more recipes, take a look at Marlena Kur’s instagram. (Warning: It will make you hungry)

Hi, I hope you had a wonderful weekend. I made some of these lobster od and shrimp ? stuffed avocados ? as part of tonight’s dinner and they were the star of the show. The recipe is in my new cookbook “Stuffed The Art of the Veggie Boat” which is available for pre-order for release on June 21st on Amazon with link in my bio. It’s so close and I’m so excited. Order your hardcover copy now. Have a wonderful evening. #zestmylemon #cookbook

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It is the type of book everyone needs in their kitchen to wow guests or as a reminder of self care.

I am still waiting to find a ripe avocado in the UK, but then I am onto the next recipe…

If you are now hungry and want to give it a try, this is the ISBN number so you can order is: 9781631064630

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